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  1. I’m literally on the southern boundary of the snow band. Would be lovely to see a good cover tomorrow
  2. Well that’s why I’m here. Things got out of hand and I want to forget that. I want to provide some useful insight here. Welcome!
  3. Light snow here at the moment. Will the blob to the northeast move southwest??
  4. I don’t need the stupid bickering either mate, yet I’m now getting others having a go at me. I’m not here for that. I like to think I have something positive to add
  5. Back to the sensible posters. How’s it looking across the region at the moment? We have light to moderate snow here
  6. My bad then. To be honest, I’m here for the chat and informing people. I’ve had grief from another member and don’t need any more. I have good insight to give and thats why I’m here. I know you get a bit Shirley Bassey at times, but let’s keep it cool
  7. Let’s leave it there. I made a comment suggesting the northern shift and you shut it down in your usual style ?
  8. Just a comment you made earlier. Anyway, let’s see how it pans out mate
  9. To be fair, if Kent doesn’t fair well, would it be a disaster? Many in Kent were snowed in last time, but my friends just down the road from here only had a dusting. I guess it’s their turn for something!
  10. I guess that could explain it. However, all surfaces always out of the sun are still wet even with snow falling
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