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  1. Check the radar and the last few frames. It looks as though it will pivot and then head south
  2. Maybe we’re just too far south. I think our best chances are with an easterly from a scandi high. This is just too marginal for us
  3. That was almost 2 degrees an hour ago, and I’m in the west of the region
  4. The local station has dropped from 1.9 to 1.5 in the last 30 minutes
  5. We might get a surprise. The temperature is dropping here (according to a local station), so let’s see
  6. It’s icy here. I’m worried about those higher DPs working up from the South West. That will really ice the cake, and not in a good way. I have friends in the midlands and I dread to see their Facebook updates
  7. Dew points are very low here, so maybe it’ll turn soon
  8. Very sleety now. I’m not feeling hopeful
  9. I’m in the precipitation now, so will keep you updated
  10. Here I’m Binfield we have sleet falling. No doubt it’ll be rain soon
  11. I’m picking my parents up at 6pm. If we go into the snow zone, it might be fun lol