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  1. Hurricane Harvey

    My friends live in Houston and I'm visiting them in 3 weeks time. They have been texting me with updates on the situation. Apparently, 12 tornadoes were reported in the Houston area yesterday. It really is a dangerous situation!
  2. I don't think it'll be as hot and humid as when I went to Vietnam in June - that was extreme. One day the local airport recorded an air temperature of 38 with a dew point of 28. I think that's the most oppressive heat I've ever experienced!
  3. I love the heat, so it'll be perfect for me and certainly beats our miserable weather :-)
  4. I'm off to Texas in September, so if all fails here, at least it'll be nice and hot there :-)
  5. Another grim outlook this morning - so much for the warm and settled spell. Even here in the south it's looking more like October than August. I think it's time to throw in the towel for any proper Summer weather this month
  6. Yes, they are only human and very knowledgeable, but their updates have not been very reliable. Maybe their new super computers need an upgrade, because just last week they were predicting high pressure from the middle of next week. I'm not having a pop, just stating what they said!
  7. The met office updates have been useless so far, even at short range, so I won't count on them!
  8. Always at the end of the run. I think it may be time to throw in the towel
  9. Managed 20 degrees today....pathetic! Looking at the models, the outlook for the foreseeable is grim too. So much for the settled and hot spell predicted for now, it couldn't be any worse!
  10. Depressing, isn't it? I'm determined not to wear my jacket yet, but if things don't improve, I will be. This is such a waste of high Summer!
  11. Well they did get it wrong, otherwise we'd be basking in sun now! I'm not blaming the weathermen at all as I respect their knowledge! Maybe they should ditch their long range forecasts. For over a month they seemed confident in their models. Yes, I'm aware things change, but this was a total pattern change, not just a change in wind direction!
  12. Exactly! They keep dropping the ball
  13. I appreciate that, and living in the south, I can't complain about our weather. However, they were touting a lengthy dry, warm and settled spell for a long time. Maybe they should ditch their long term forecasts because they rarely come to fruition. This has been their biggest balls up yet!
  14. What I would like to know is, how could the Met Office get this so catastrophically wrong? With their super computers and insight none of us see, they have seriously dropped the ball, and this isn't the first time. Their credibility as one of the best forecasting agencies in the world is seriously diminishing. I have the utmost respect for the knowledge of their forecasters, but seriously, we have to call their models into question now!!
  15. I think we can now take what Exeter says with a huge pinch of salt. Keep up the good work though, Frosty. Hopefully this subtle shift in the models will bear fruit down the line!