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  1. To put things into perspective, upper air temperatures are hovering around 0c today and we’re maxing out at 6c thanks to the easterly feed off the continent. Next week upper air will be down to -15c.....epic!
  2. I think there will be some interesting developments early next week, and not just for the usual locations in the east. I believe we’ll see larger areas of snowing moving east to west (all the way across to Bristol) in response to the huge temperature differential between sea surface and upper air. @Surrey, what’s your thought on this?
  3. Met Office steadfast with their latest outlook. Distruptive snow and blizzard conditions still on the table later next week, suggesting the low will track further south than being predicted by the GFS!
  4. Will be interesting to see where it sits on the GEFS. I’m guessing near the top of the range again. The operationals keep doing this, only to correct and fall in line over time.
  5. It’s not us doing that, it’s the GFS 😂 I don’t think it’s anywhere near verifying though, and expect corrections south over the next few runs. That would really bury this region in snow.....fingers crossed!
  6. I totally agree, Surrey! A few years back we did very well here in east Berkshire from a Thames streamer, with several inches falling in a short space of time. This goes to show, it’s not necessarily an east only event.
  7. GFS still bullish on that low bringing milder uppers into the mix on Friday. I still think it’s being far too progressive (as the GFS often is), but if it does verify, there will be a lot of unhappy people in this region....me included!
  8. Seems the more plausible route. I really can’t see the low making inroads against such a strong cold block.
  9. Looking good for our patch next week, especially further east. That low moving up from the south makes me nervous though. It’s definitely a snow machine for all, but we don’t want it to move too far north as that will mix milder air in for this region. Anyway, that’s a long way off and plenty to enjoy before then!
  10. I guess us in the south do have a bias for our own patch, but there is an element of excitement because we’ve had no snow at all, unlike you guys. Maybe we have been too south centric in our comments, but it’s because we’re so snow starved. From the model output, it’s looking like a major U.K. event, but you must see us in the south are craving some winter weather. I think we are all in on the game this time
  11. I think the streamers will be more extensive than even the hi res models predict. I think we’ll see larger areas of precipitation moving east to west from the Thames estuary, and also through Hull across Yorkshire, the north Midlands and into Wales. Rather than showers, I think these areas will see more widespread snow. Takes me back to the same set up in 90’s when I was at school seeing the snow pile in on an easterly. I could be wrong, but it seems the same set up.
  12. I watched that earlier and it cracked me up. He was the spit of Francis Wilson there 😂😂
  13. Indeed. They’ve only just come around to the easterly flow 😂
  14. Useless to be honest. The high res models will soon pick up on steamers...