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  1. Showing where? The forecasts that were made have already been proven inaccurate so far today, so I'm looking at the radar as a guide.
  2. I personally reckon you are in with a shout. (Don't quote me on that though 😉 )
  3. There are definitely some warm sectors around (notably one around Ely), but the dew points are quickly coming down and the ppn has still got some welly in it. Everything that falls away from coasts should soon be of snow rather than rain/sleet. /Assets/Images/logo-global.png Met Office WOW - Home Page WOW.METOFFICE.GOV.UK The UK Met Office Weather Observation Website (WOW). WOW allows anyone to submit their own weather data, anywhere in the world.
  4. It is nice that some of us in the less snow-prone areas (London particularly) that have been snow starved for years managed to see some settled snow today. Bad luck to those who didn't, but your time will soon come. Possibly sooner than you think! 😉
  5. Undoubtedly there are a few surprises being thrown up. There is a lot more energy at this time than any of the models suggested, so there may be a surprise for many of those who missed out earlier.
  6. The latest radar run shows the band intensifying slightly over the Cambs. West Suffolk area and there is a definite pivoting of the band Southward's ever so slightly. There is also a bit more energy coming in off the Dover Straights and Thames Estuary flowing into the band so, with temps dropping, keep watching the radar folks.
  7. There is plenty of energy left in that front, plus the shower activity in SW Wales is maintaining it's intensity as it moves inland. The sea temps are way higher that the DP now, so that should keep some energy flowing in off the Irish Sea and Bristol Channel to keep the conveyor moving along. It's the movement of the pivot that we need to keep an eye on.
  8. You could be right... The next few radar runs should give us an indication.
  9. What the Aberge didn't forecast was the amount of ppn coming from the West and NW that we can see building on the radar. Keep an eye on the radar folks!
  10. There is still lying snow here in West London, so the warm sector hasn't reached here yet and shows how localised it is. I think there is still more to come, time will tell.
  11. I agree, we can't rely on the forecasts and models too much, as they generally forecasted the system to be far further South than it is. There is still some energy left in this system, it's just a matter of radar watching and nowcasting.
  12. Very true, this is why I think there might be some more decent ppn to come for some in the coming hours plus, with temperatures dropping away as it gets dark, anything could happen.
  13. I am really surprised to see that the central London area got more snow than most other places in our region. We had continuous heavy settling snow here for 2 hours, got a couple of inches of settling snow and there is only a slow melt going on at the moment. The ppn seems to be starting to pivot now, with the centre of the pivot seemingly in the Oxfordshire area, so I reckon there will be more ppn to come after dark for our region. Hopefully there might be a few happier faces on the forum later on.
  14. The rain seems to be turning to sleety snow on the latest webcam image from the A40: Camera 827 Refresh in 2:21 A40 Western Ave/Long Lane London Traffic Cameras - Live TfL JamCam Feeds WWW.TFLJAMCAMS.NET London Traffic JamCam Map - 900+ Real-Time TfL image/video feeds with Traffic Layer and Bus Stops. Ad-free and fast!
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