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  1. But timing is everything...slower better in this case not progressive, GH is a distinct possibility by next weekend in my view. Phase 1... I doubt it.
  2. As I mentioned up the page models now trying to re align to a slower Mjo phase 8 not a quicker progression (GFS pulled trigger to early)...ECM trying.....Interesting fight!
  3. Still think the models are re aligning to the slower MJO forcing into phase 8, interesting all sniffing height rises into next weekend with continued wave1 breaking.....Interesting next few days to see where the block goes....
  4. The gfs had a premature triggering of its Mjo forcing hence its Operationals overdoing things, now it's settled down.....Id go for the ECM evolution very feasible right up to day 10......Nice cold snap with possible snow showers, brief change as operationals get their act together before retrogression and a lovely Neaster as the CONUS call it...ECM right in a slower MJO forcing......Feb is becoming very interesting...
  5. Eh?....Sorry I don't understand that, new. Any chance of charts, explanations please?
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