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  1. The next time we will see snow in the Midlands is next winter.
  2. Over reaction by the TV and the met office I feel.
  3. Agreed this winter has been hopeless when the models suggest an easterly it changes its mind two days later. As for today's event I think it will be a poor show for most of us midlanders.
  4. Been watching the radar for a while this morning it looks to me ( I may be wrong) t is tracking slightly more north than previously projected . im in Birmingham and I'm not ruling a snow event here yet.
  5. The whole forecasting g of this low is many many miles away from where it was supposed to track
  6. I knew it from many hours ago that front was moving in a different direction than forecasted to. It makes the met office look rather silly yet again
  7. I think some of the heavier bands will make it too brum. The front is not stalling as much as forecast
  8. Looking good some forecasters may have egg on their faces after today. Shame l
  9. I'm with you bishop I think your right in your thoughts I may be wrong but I thought this earlier just didn't seem to follow the forecast path
  10. I agree this light stuff just blows all the way round the roads.
  11. We can all but wait and see such as weather watching is. It will be interesting to see how the front decides to go on its merry way.
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