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  1. Very nice in Stoke. Humid though.
  2. Thunderstorms for you. Once the cap is broken - Boom! Storms shoot up incredibly rapidly.
  3. Yeah. Taken hours to reach here and now it's quickly moving away.
  4. Full on thunderstorm. Frequent lightning, thunder and heavy rain. Wahoo!
  5. Flashing and booming away.
  6. Chucking it down. Thunder getting louder. Radar showing intense rain/hail heading my way. At last!
  7. Could not be any closer. Storms are no more than a few miles to my south but refusing to come here.
  8. Saw some amazing thunderstorms in June and September 2016 here, but very little storm action since then. A cracking lightning display over my home town of Harrow, North London last night.
  9. Must be the dozenth near miss of the year so far. I can see the storm clouds from my front window.