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  1. With those uppers, light southerly winds and the sun at its strongest, surface temperatures are still only expected to be in the mid to high twenties for most. Extremely low and underwhelming for such a setup and I really am puzzled by it.
  2. Normally we’d be looking at high 30’s quite widely and a very high chance of breaking the all time record. I have never seen uppers that high getting into, never mind covering most of the UK. Very frustrating that the low 30’s in a few spots looks like being the absolute maximum we may achieve in this occasion, and the mid twenties in the preceding days. The same temperatures we recorded last summer with uppers around 12’C lower. Really extreme modification by the sea this time.
  3. The ICON remains consistent. 20’C+ 850hpa temperatures pushing into the UK on Thursday and as far north as Scotland by Friday.
  4. Find it bizarre. By far the highest 850hpa temperatures I’ve ever seen across the UK but surface temperatures not much above average. I realise wind direction and cloud cover can suppress temperatures, but that is ridiculous.
  5. Pretty sure this time last year uppers were around 12'C and surface temperatures exceeded 30'C. That was under high pressure with low humidity, clear skies and light winds though.
  6. Met Office have posted another tweet with temperatures for the week ahead. Previous screenshots were from a video and on a slightly different scale, so these look a bit different.
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