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  1. Another thunderstorm over Stoke a short time ago. This one dumped quite a lot of hail ⛈
  2. Only had one jab. I would hate to pass it onto someone who might be vulnerable. Although I don’t hang out with many people. Just my social group, many of whom are also isolating at the moment. It is frustrating.
  3. 1 week to go after testing positive on Saturday. Had very mild symptoms which I get with hay fever anyway so not even sure they’re down to the virus It’s been depressing stuck on my own and not able to go outdoors but, like the snow during lockdown, the weather has at least kept me entertained! Fingers crossed for some storms this weekend!
  4. Quite a bit of loud thunder still ongoing, and a brief downpour of rain. Very, very close to the main core of the storm but at least it’s kept me briefly entertained and cheered me up a bit whilst self isolating.
  5. Fairly heavy rain but really just a glancing blow. Missed the main core of the storm but I’ll put it down as my second thunderstorm of the year. Must be a lot of hail just to my south.
  6. It’s gone much darker, wind has picked up and there have been a few distant rumblings. It’s so close I can smell it!
  7. UKV still has temperatures approaching 30’C on Friday. Thundery breakdown doesn’t occur until Friday night/Saturday.
  8. A very hot week ahead. Quite common to get one or two such spells per summer in my birth town in London but pretty extreme for up here. Can’t enjoy it though. I’ve got COVID
  9. Wednesday and Thursday. Not often those sort of temperatures are projected for up here!
  10. A cheeky 34’C for the West Country this afternoon from the UKV 9z. We seem to achieve high temperatures (low to mid 30’s) much more easily nowadays.
  11. UKV really upping the temperatures next week. 30’C+ somewhere in the U.K. every day up to and including Wednesday, which is as far as the model runs out to.
  12. UKV upping the weekend temperatures slightly. 30’C for parts of Yorkshire and the North Midlands on Saturday. 30-31’C in similar areas on Sunday, with 32’C in London.
  13. That looks poor given the upper air profile in the early hours of the day, even when adding on the usual 2-3 degrees that models are often too low by at this time of year. It must have a lot of cloud cover. A cold front pushing south east through the day and bringing cloud and (of course) colder air, I guess.
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