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  1. MattStoke

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Snowing again. Big flakes.
  2. Thought that GFS run was pretty epic but the GFSP is even better. The utter borefest of the first half of this winter is fast becoming a distant memory.
  3. I would like to re-tract my previous comments stating that the GFS looks good and consistent with previous runs. It looks amazing and is better than previous runs!
  4. GFS looking good. Thank goodness! Might calm some nerves in here.
  5. Not concerned with that ECM run, for a few reasons. 1. It doesn’t really backup the ECM seasonal models, which have performed well this winter. 2. The outlook is cold and it is only a question of how cold. Even if next week’s easterly doesn’t cut it, there will be further opportunities. I’ll only be concerned if various models move to a mild outlook, but there is nothing remotely mild looking likely for the next few weeks.
  6. MattStoke

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Haha. Yeah
  7. MattStoke

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Absolutely hammering it down. A good covering now. Wasn’t expecting anything!
  8. Got to laugh. Spent so much time looking at computer models for cold and snow further ahead and the weather does this to catch me out! It is belting it down with unexpected snow here. There’s a lesson here, people. Don’t get hung up on the finer details of the model output as this setup could deliver many surprises in the coming weeks.
  9. MattStoke

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Well this is a nice surprise!
  10. This GFS is synoptically mental. PV absolutely destroyed. I almost feel sorry for it!
  11. Just to re-iterate my earlier post. I only expected rain for me today and, low and behold, it’s snowing!
  12. Can’t tell you number of times I’ve seen cold spells forecast to be dry only to see large amounts of widespread snow and vice versa. Or the number of times rain has been predicted only for it to fall as snow or vice vesa. Snow is very difficult to predict even at short range in this country. Pointless looking at such detail at this range. You’ll drive yourself nuts!
  13. It has a front crossing the UK, followed by wintry showers. Not dry at all.