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  1. Met Office have me down for heavy snow in the next few hours but I'm not convinced.
  2. Very windy. Really noisy outside.
  3. Maybe some more sleet and snow showers later Thursday and during Friday. Wind direction looks better for here. NW instead of WNW.
  4. A few patches of snow left but a shower of very wet snow in the early hours melted most of it. Bright, cold and breezy start to the day before wind and rain rolls in tonight. BBC show a spell of snow here initially but I think that's unlikely.
  5. No snow left at all. A shower of very wet snow melted it all.
  6. Not quite Christmas card scenes. More like a sprkinling of icing sugar. Nice to see more proper winter weather though.
  7. That was a good shower. Covered everything. Shame showers are so few and far between here. A few more like that and we'd have a good few cm.
  8. A decent snow shower at last. Slight covering.
  9. This westerly is absolute rubbish for here. Been watching the showers moving north and south of here for hours. The odd one that moves towards me dies on its ass. Give me a north westerly instead.
  10. Shows a spell of snow for Stoke. Not convinced myself but shift the bugger another 20 miles south and I'll be happy!
  11. Radar is getting lively to the north and west of Stoke. Probably still see naff all.
  12. Seems rather pointless. Away from the far north and west of the UK, this is not much of an event.
  13. Looking like a non-event for the Midlands.
  14. Funny how further north the showers are blasting across Lancashire, the Pennines and Yorkshire to the east coast, yet further south they can't just make it across Wales.