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  1. Precipitation type for Tuesday night and Friday, with blue being snow.
  2. Snow accumulation Wednesday Snow accumulation Friday
  3. ECM snow event for the Midlands next week. Haha.
  4. I'm happy with cold or real warmth when we get to this point. Anything other than luke warm and dreary. Could be a decent shot at a white Easter up here. I'll be down in London seeing my family though.
  5. Cold, sunny, frosty. -2'C. The last few patches of snow hanging on in the shade. Looks like a cold Easter may be on the cards.
  6. I'd be surprised if that area of snow reaches the north of the region but central and southern parts could get a cm or 2.
  7. Actually managed more here than the last cold spell. Last night the showers all weakened just a few miles to my east though. Happens every time. Little and often seems to be the Stoke way. Biggest fall of the winter was only 10 cm back in December.
  8. Hard to say with the drifting. A few cm maybe. Probably the second largest fall of the winter here. Some fairly deep drifts but also some surfaces blown clear by the wind. Snow has melted quite a bit on roads and pavements but little if any melt on other surfaces.
  9. That guy is a prat. Another lovely 'winter's' day.
  10. Very light snow falling.
  11. So, anyone looking forward to Beast from the East Mark III?
  12. A lot of melt on roads and pavements. Little if any melt on other surfaces. Pretty and also useful for people to get about but they still moan and whine about it, of course.
  13. Not as much snow here as had look likely. There never is. Still a decent covering though. Off out for a walk.
  14. Laying in bed and I can see the snow drifting about outside my window, so I now can't get to sleep.
  15. As is always the case, showers are weakening as they approach here. Still moderate at times though. A few cm so far, drifting in the wind.