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  1. Summer 2019 brought more rain here than I have ever seen in my lifetime and temperatures that would be considered cold in mid winter. There were numerous 24-48 hour periods of non-stop rain. It was abysmal.
  2. It’s been a poor summer overall but better than last summer.
  3. It’s the increasing frequency of extreme events that is the issue.
  4. That was close. We just went a whole 5 minutes with only sporadic lightning but now the intense storm conditions have returned. The drought is over!
  5. Never known a year like it for storms. Seen so many.
  6. What is it with Stoke-on-Trent and thunderstorms? We just keep getting hit over and over again!
  7. Mid September does often bring settled, warm and pleasant weather. It just isn't summer at all to me. I think the meteorological seasons make more sense than the astronomical seasons, with the latter varying slightly each year,
  8. My birthday is on the 17th September and I find it ridiculous that some people think that is summertime. It just isn’t.
  9. Wow. Only about a week later than the GFS was showing. It was completely wrong, yet again. All that rubbish about it being the king model because it was showing cooler and unsettled weather for this week before making a massive backtrack. Not sure what the point of your comment was. It’s like claiming a prediction of snow 10 years ago was right because 2 years ago we had the ‘Beast from the East’.
  10. That’s why I’m always careful to say ‘Highest recorded’ temperature. Still true that 40’C has never been officially recorded in the U.K. and so the above claim that temperatures peaked above 40’C, is unsubstantiated.
  11. Temperatures of 40’C have never been recorded in the U.K., and temperature records were being kept in the 1930’s
  12. @stodge The chart you posted for Wednesday is from the 00z. The below chart is from the 12z.
  13. The GFS gives a high of 36’C in London on Wednesday. Given how much it underestimates temperatures, the all time record could well be under threat. That is if skies stay clear.
  14. More of a north east surface flow, turning easterly later and probably resulting in late maximum temperatures. Flow then more of a South easterly from tomorrow. Edit: Now 30’C at Heathrow.
  15. It’s not even 1pm and that chart is for 8pm. 37’C is possible over the next few days if the cloud and showers/thunderstorms stay away. It’s mid level cloud that suppressed temperatures somewhat yesterday and yet we still hit the mid thirties!
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