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  1. 6z brings the snow risk right down to low levels, but it does seem to have a snow bias since the 'upgrade'.
  2. It was in a north westerly (polar maritime) flow. Delivered a good few cm of snow, which all melted by morning. 18th January 2019.
  3. Always at 200 metres when I live at 149 metres above sea level. Better take up residence on the roof for another winter.
  4. Of course, 'cylonic' doesn't necessarily mean entirely mild and/or without some snow potential Maybe just not anything hugely significant or sustained.
  5. Some severe ground and air frosts to come from this weekend. UKV air and ground temperatures for Saturday morning.
  6. December 2010 wasn't related to a SSW either.
  7. February/March 2018 cold spells were exceptionally cold for the time of year. -18 uppers and numerous red warnings for heavy and disruptive snow. If you're only going to count events that were more significant than that, then your dataset is bound to be tiny!
  8. Winter starts and, as if by magic, the northern blocking, that has ruined the past several months but would have brought significant cold and snow in winter time, disappears.
  9. Isn’t a reversal a major SSW? It doesn’t need to be a reversal to be a SSW, only to be a major SSW.
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