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  1. Morning. ☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️ Again.
  2. This time in 2013 we were building snowmen - not seen any lying snow here since
  3. Morning. It’s raining here.
  4. Nothing here 12 miles south of you! Even the hail covering is melting. 🤬
  5. Heavy hail. Got a covering of white at last. 😊
  6. I’m in Hindley. Under the lovely clear sky 😞
  7. gone very dark here, heavy hail!
  8. Apps have downgraded snow in Hindley to rain. For a change. I’ll expect nothing
  9. I was complaining 3 years ago as well :). I'm off to Skegness for a few days tomorrow so you may have a chance if snow. I was there when the rest of the country was basking in a May heatwave 2016 and Lincolnshire was flooded .....
  10. Another "warm" Christmas. Sigh. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas xx
  11. Hail here mixed with rain. We have our own microclimate 😞
  12. It's stopped now but what is left is freezing. Best we have had here since 2013,
  13. We are getting thick snow and sticking here, just down the road!