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  1. *Llinell hyrddwynt / Squall line* Roedd hi'n bwrw cenllysg yn drwm iawn o dan y llinell - It was hailing very heavily under the line Digonedd o fellt a tharanau hefyd! - And plenty of thunder and lightning to boot! Golygfa gaeafol iawn - Very wintry scene ? Plymodd y tymheredd o 8C i 2c - iasoer yn y gwynt!..... Temperature plummeted from 8C to 2C brrr ,,,Very chilly in the wind!!
  2. Hylo Bawb! ... Hi Everyone! I have finally moved back from low lying Eastern England and I have been squirreled away in the hills of NE Wales enjoying this recent seasonal weather Iawn te! / Right then! Llun o'm ardal isod / Picture from my area below Roedd hi'n bwrw eira drwy Dydd Llun a Dydd Mawrth ond rŵan .... mae hi'n diflannu yn gyflym (yn drist) *It was snowing through the day on Monday and Tuesday but is now rapidly disappearing sadly* Roedd yr eira llawer dyfnach uwchben 350m fel arfer! / The snow was much deeper above 350m (not surprised!)
  3. Hei Snefnug (Danish word for Snow flake? - I worked across Europe for many years before heading back to my "milltir sgwar") I always love seeing your photos from Dyffryn Ceiriog ... I had family from there once ... I had a wry smile seeing your aptly named dog Norman walking in an area which was remembered by local folklore as where the disasterous Norman invasion (for them) of Wales happened with Henry 2nd ....... spoiler.. His army was badly damaged by rain and ambushes all away along "Ffordd y Saeson/Englishman way" - I hope you fared better ? I sadly no longer have living family t
  4. I give them a few messages on twitter...what else can I do .... I suppose multiple comments from others would help ?
  5. I totally agree, humans have always struggled to record phenomenon and there is always a degree of margin or error ..... but if Im seeing a good 8-10 PWS stations in an area showing the same 104f-105f.......it says to me that the area should be an area for investigation. For example....cambridge airport just east of the town was 38.1c .... yet the large botanical garden showed 38.7 which is SW of the centre........the PWS readings south west of Cambridge were the 100f plus readings....I didnt see anything above 100f in other outlying directions from Cambridge - though I did see 100f towards
  6. Can't blame you ...... a shop owner in the st neots town square claims their shaded weather station reached 39C - is that really surprising in such a concreted area? ? I just like extreme weather ...maybe my life has got too boring.....I actually dont like temps over 30C unless its holiday somewhere new!?
  7. Sorry if a repost ... but Im not surprised by the met office update (see inserted pic) ... there was a big strip going south west from Cambridge down to Biggleswade/Sandy with peak PWS readings of 104/105 widely! ... 104f is 39.44C - met office stations nowhere to be seen in SW Cambridgeshire! Here in St Neots we caught a big bank of cloud from Bedford and so were restricted to low 38s at peak...but in the clearer areas who knows without proper stations?
  8. Are there any met office stations in the sandy/biggleswade area...or east towards Cambridge/Bishop Stortford ... seems strangely bereft...yet PWS reporting temps above 39 ..but PWS is PWS sadly hehe ... Any of them like this...might be more trustworthy!
  9. Met Office said the record could still be broken when smaller sites bring in recordings over the next few days. On a separate but relevant note ... If PWS readings were reliable ..... the all time record was broken in the Sandy/Biggleswade/Potton (39C/ 104f + ) area (these areas missed the cloud,rain which stopped st neots beating the record ? ) going east over towards Cambridge....so question is. Any Met office smaller stations in that area?
  10. 37C still at headcorn aerodrome,kent - 17:00 The all time UK record is 38.5C
  11. Some PWS readings definitely broke the all time record in a few areas, but they arent officially trusted by the Met Office. Walked into St Neots from the outskirt villages....and it definitely felt hotter on the concrete square in the centre by a few degrees - reflective heat maybe....but then I could be feeling hotter from walking....... People in St Neots were saying a local weather station had reported a max of 39C...but what and where is this magical station!?! .... I was too sweaty to even think straight tbh ???
  12. looking around at airport temps in the area...a sweet spot sadly was definitely St Neots-Cambridge strip but that load of cloud really dented chances! ? doh
  13. I don't know myself .... but there was definite worries about its site location ..... and other weather blogs say its "discredited" .... I have no agenda either way..Faversham is a lovely town ?
  14. Do you think 15:00 will be peak temps....or do we have until around 16:00?
  15. Is Faversham's 38.5C now discredited in these circles? Is Kew Garden's 38.1C now the official...so we only need 38.2C?
  16. I saw no rain in Eaton Ford and I was outside ...... what a small difference hey haha....was it very light? Maybe Im too thick skinned! Sun beaming here for now
  17. A quick thought ... wont the absorptive properties of local geology play a factor in ground temperatures? Sandy soil and clay are good at increasing quicker than the other extreme of water.....but Im not aware of the spectrum inbetween! Im no geologist!.....maybe higher local temps could vary on geology? Any evidence?
  18. Bishop Stortford way seems to be another area that has a shot .....West London still possible.........I thought the cloud over ST neots and further SE had gutted southern cambridgeshire chances but might well be proved wrong!
  19. Sandy And Biggleswade might be breaking the record soon (even taking into account margin of error with less pro-stations reporting) If 104F was confirmed....its gone anyway lol (just speculation....these readings can be significantly affected sometimes by position) .... who runs their local weather stations?
  20. Unofficially Madingley just West of Camridge has hit 103F / 39.4C - stations throughout area have hit 100F/37.8C
  21. Sun is back out! .... Clouds broke up further east and gaps appeared above st neots (I know I know..satellite is better but this is more fun ) .... somewhere east still has a chance
  22. Just forgot to update my place!...yes in St Neots for a wee while Tom...where are you getting 37C...I have to be honest and say I think my readings are being affected by being in more urban part due to apartments and car parks.......wouldnt shock me lower temps with a bit of greenery
  23. Argh ..... Im recording 38.0C (it went up somewhat strangely with cloud cover lol!) in St Neots....but skies have really darkened ? Sweating buckets. ? Cambridge to Ely and East wards.....any reports? ..... cloud rolling in ... so even Cambourne /Papworth way may be scuppered Still very Clear looking to my NE ... Im on the rise above Eaton Ford so good vantage point ?
  24. I think east of St Neots towards Santon Downham/Thetford has got a better chance than St Neots now.....St Neots was doing so well too! London city airport one to watch .... but cheating in a huge concreted city ? (joke)
  25. big bank of cloud formed over Bedford....due to Sun position/incidence ... has shaded St Neots - record unlikely to go if cloud intensifies ....however.... I think we need to look towards the triangle.......Cambridge - Cambourne/Papworth Everard/Huntingdon - record might be possible there (maybe south of Cambridge but there is light cloud a good 20 miles away SSE of St Neots which may affect places like Saffon Walden/Haverill / Royston/Baldock/ etc........ sky is still very clear about a mile east of St Neots .... East of Cambridge might be the other spot to break the record- think Ne
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