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  1. I'm happy now I've had my fix ? There's a nice covering on the hills
  2. The north hasn't done too bad considering the met had no snow in its forecast, the BBC forecasted it and it's been more accurate, had light snow all afternoon and it's starting to build up, looks like you guys down south are on the sweet spot, hope your steak tastes good lol, what's for pudding......
  3. Had a covering this morning in llysfaen(n.wales) We seemed to of missed most of the showers, n.e Wales has had showers most of the day
  4. Evening all, anyone have links to decent radar sites? Cheers
  5. Not seen much in the way of snow here today, just one quick shower, I'm hoping there might be a dusting by the morning if the showers that are forecast materialize
  6. Hi guys, new member here saying hello
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