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  1. October rain from Storm Alex has seen 85.6mm measured in my Vantage Vue. If i include Sept 30th, which turned out to be the wettest day in this unsettled period, it totals 123.7mm.
  2. No storm or even a shower all day here. View to my North East currently of the cell over Oxford way, North Wilts seems to have had storm shield up too...frustrating!
  3. A poor end to the heatwave here with a forgettable day of constant murk interspersed with heavy showers. One with a couple of rumbles, but that was it storm wise😒 34.3C a couple a days ago...what a difference! Incredibly low temperature range as a result....at least a decent amount of rain for the garden. Weekend doesn't seem to offer much hope for improvement either.... whatever your preference!
  4. Yep, much warmer morning here too without yesterdays cloudy one. Station at 29.6 C currently with dewpoint of 20.9C . Yesterday at 12.30 it was 24.4C DP 19.6C. Hottest/stickiest its felt since this spell started. Cloudless skies apart from the odd bit of cirrus, should get at least 33C I reckon. Will it trigger anything though??
  5. Far enough east for the rain band to clear slowly this evening before possibly circulating back here overnight briefly. Pretty much continous rain all day. Measured 31.6 mm here today, wettest day this year according to my station. With Tuesday and Wednesday storms, totalled 57mm for past three days. Garden is appreciating it though!
  6. Yeah can confirm that line of storms has given us (just west of Swindon) 20mm of rain in 35 minutes! Quite a few flashes and claps of thunder, nothing too extreme. First storms of the year though.
  7. Morning all, Rare post from me. Cold and windy here as exposed to a North east wind.. Snap shot of weather station currently this morning. Summary March 29, 2020 High Low Average Temperature 6.4 C 1.4 C 2.9 C Dew Point 0.2 C -3.0 C -1.2 C Humidity 86 % 53 % 75 % Precipitation 0.00 mm -- -- High Low Average Wind Speed 62.9 km/h 23.0 km/h 38.4 km/h Wind Gust 79.7 km/h -- 46.4 km/h Wind Direction -- -- NE Pressure 1,039.08 hPa 1,035.63 hPa -- Fields drying quickly
  8. Have had my weather station for four years now and recorded a record 32.8C at 12.15. Had a brief shower soon after and that brought the temp back down to 30 ish and the peak since then has been 32.4. IF clear skies had stayed reckon 35C could have been reached
  9. Whata difference a year makes! Another beautiful day here, just pipped yesterdays high of 18.5C. Todays and last years station data. Summary February 26, 2019 High Low Average Temperature 18.7 °C 0.4 °C 9.6 °C Dew Point 6.9 °C -0.8 °C 3.1 °C Humidity 93% 43% 72% Precipitation 0 mm -- -- Summary February 26, 2018 High Low Average Temperature 1.2 °C -3.9 °C -1.4 °C Dew Point -3.9 °C -8 °C -6 °C Humidity 87% 52% 75% Precipitation 0 mm -- --
  10. Rain eventually turned to snow for 20 minutes, but now stopped! Station graph shows the plummet in temps/dewpoint in past hour...must be back edge of cold front gone through.
  11. Well that's the drought over here.....been under that cell that popped out of nowhere west of Swindon. Just dropped 15mm in half an hour as practically building on the spot. No thunder or lightening though, hoping that may happen later:)
  12. Quite a keen ENE wind here this morning and the low cloud has rolled in and felt quite cool during the dog walk, which I wasn't expecting. Checked the weather station when I got back,it's dropped back to 13.9C!
  13. Well that was some storm just passed over here west of Swindon. Just dumped 27mm of rain in 30 minutes according to my weather station! Never seen anything like it! Roads like rivers etc etc No electrical activity though, fingers crossed for later. Just noticed max rainfall rate was 248mm an hour...for a few seconds!!
  14. Morning all Everybody out on the sloping side of our lane clearing drives,...including me! I would think about a level 10cm of snow where no drifting occurred. Well a slow thaw is setting in here...Three ice days recorded on station, finally crept above zero about 5am, still no snow melt in rain gauge though!
  15. Hi All, Been following developments on here for past few days, been great following all the banter and well informed posters views! Snowstorm Emma is looking to be the real deal as it gets heavier and lasting well into the night! Extending further east too according to gfs 12z. Weather station showing It's the 'warmest' its been all day now and dewpoint also rising... no chance of rain for a day or two hopefully if we can hold on to the easterly wind flow.
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