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  1. Light rain here and temperature rising from when the rain arrived. Was down to 2.5 at ten to eight, now up to 3.3 Doesn't look likely at the moment :-(
  2. Just gone from rain to sleet in Blackboys, temperature now down to 0.6
  3. For those on a Mbl (Blackboys, E Sussx) Moderate rain but temperature falling steadily. Down to 1.3 now from 2 earlier.
  4. Interesting little feature popped up off the West coast of Scotland on XCWeather pressure observations.
  5. Temp still falling 6.0 @ 12.27 5.3 @ 12.48 4,6 @ 1.23 4.2 @ 1.38 3.6 @ 2.06 3.0 @ 2.24 2.3 @ 2.39 1.9 just now @ 2.48 Eyes to the West on the radar at the moment and fingers crossed.
  6. Temperature falling steadily here since about lunchtime. Down to 3 degrees now and dropping 0.5 degree every 20 minutes.
  7. Temperature rising, gone from 2 to 3.5 in past hour :-(
  8. Rain here now, Quite a bit colder than I was expecting though, I had thought the temperature would be up around 4 or 5 now the rain has arrived but it's only a fraction above freezing. Out and about a short while ago it was between 0 and -2 even in the rainy bits. Bodes well for tomorrow and those further North I hope.
  9. didn't need to, just poked my head out the back door, a mix of very fine light flakes and a few larger wet ones mixed in. Just started. Current temp -0.4 Result, I can now go to bed happy that I have actually seen snow today, or more likely, hop in the car and drive 5 minutes up the road where it's far less likely to be wet flakes!
  10. Looks like it's heading my way so might as well just wait up a bit, got a bit of elevation here too which will help.
  11. Nice blob of green on the radar just South of me at Hailsham. Sleet, or just rain. So tempting to hop in the car.
  12. Tempting to drive down 15 minutes down the road and have a look.
  13. It's unusual for temperatures in the channel to be lower than those on land, Sandettie light vessel in the Eastern Channel has been showing sub zero temp and dew point for a while now whereas the temperature inland here has been around 5 or 6 all afternoon. Now the sun's going down, it's absolutely plummeting and down to 1 degree already. Should be a good frost tonight.
  14. Hi everyone, long time lurker who's got excited enough by the current prospects to come out of the closet and join the community. 5.5 degrees here, down from 6.5 at mid day. An obsession is only weird if you're on the outside looking in! Looking forward to later