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    Hiding from thunderstorms but love tracking them

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  1. I do love looking back at those lightning maps and seeing my town in the middle with no strikes yet hundreds around it. Typical Storm shield in full force this week.
  2. Where are you Zak? I'm in biggleswade we are smack bang in the middle between the two!
  3. Twitch WWW.TWITCH.TV Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers. Got a good view of cells Luton way. Will move if anything closer arrives. But looking unlikely, all the action looks to be west of me.
  4. For any of you in the Bedfordshire area looking toward east London / south east. Sorry camera quality is **** but get some awesome views of cloud scapes!
  5. Unless your on the east coast tonight, I think it's a goods night rest for us all. See what mother nature has in store tomorrow.
  6. I thought this aswell.. biggleswade.. Its rained and rained and finally half an hour ago it went to light patchy snow. and it hasnt even attempted to settle onto anything
  7. Yes, And to correct that its still raining in biggleswade... Its not sleeting at all... over hyped
  8. All temps are showing 3.3 and dew point of 3.1... and it hasnt gonedown in an hour. I dont think we will get any you know, over hyped again :/
  9. REPORT! It STILL ISNT SNOWING IN BIGGLESWADE. Even though we are further north than places reporting snow.. seems odd
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