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  1. Yes problems for me to. I have some posts 4 hours ago and then just a few from past few minutes.
  2. 12z shows the more extensive cold pool over Denrmak, Norway etc. With colder 850's on our doorstep. When comparing to same time frame on 6z
  3. The cold pool to the East, seems to be more extensive and deeper when comparing 12z with earlier. No idea whether this will mean we get to tap in to it though.
  4. There is a warning for snow posted for tomorrow. So it shouldn't be a surprise to much?
  5. Yes very similar conditions here, I suspect soon after it stops for you, it will here.
  6. Coming down pretty heavy here in East Herts, not for much longer granted. But always great to see moderate to occasional heavy snow. Just a shame not hours of it left to go. Hope it is not the last time this winter.
  7. Shame this particular amount of snow falling and wind, couldn't just persist for several hours on end.
  8. I think at 3.30pm temperature was still around 4c, now close to 1c. Not sure how long we will have snow here, but if can get any sort of intensity over a period of hours, may definitely get a few cm's I think,
  9. Well rain for many hours but snow for a few minutes and starting to settle on cars, paths, easily. Should hopefully clear it up for those that think if it rains all day, the snow can'#t settle.
  10. Temp fallen to 2c and where I could hear the rain earlier on skylight, it has either stopped or become wintry. Edit: It is now snowing and hence the reason for previously hearing the rain and now snow.
  11. Can't be long before Dunstable gets some snow. It appears to be just West of there now. HP23 reporting snow on UK snow map.
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