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  1. wouldn’t even think it snowed last night as most of it gone today
  2. Might sound a silly question but my met office app radar hasn’t updated since before 7pm?? Is there something they don’t want us to know lol
  3. I booked it off last week on the off chance
  4. It’s in for a good few hours yet looking at the radar happy days
  5. That’s just down from me, best I get a move on then lol. Thanks
  6. How heavy? Just so I know whether to leave work sooner as I live in Caerphilly
  7. Im just hoping im well on the way home before real stuff arrives otherwise it will be a nightmare trip on A470, last time I did that in 2010 it took 6 hours... Owch
  8. Im in Cardiff city centre and not a single flake as yet lol
  9. Anyone got snow yet? Keep looking out the window in work lol
  10. Same here, they are convinced there will be no snow
  11. BBC mentioned 15cm for southern and eastern counties of wales
  12. It’s clear sky here but can see the clouds from your direction from the window lol
  13. Started quite heavy in Caerphilly in last half hour
  14. Heavy rain in Caerphilly, think it’s missed is and gone around lol
  15. Wet snow here in Caerphilly but still holding out some hope for later after looking at the latest charts
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