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  1. Morning all Looks set to get colder in the coming days and perhaps those over higher grounds will see some settling snow on Friday. Looks unlikely for the majority of us elsewhere but it's a good start.
  2. Thunder and lightening again in West London, wasn't really expecting this. Thoroughly miserable weather and wouldn't be surprised to see some localised flooding in parts around here.
  3. Incredible storm! Lightning every few seconds for the last 20 minutes. Certainly going to be some localised flooding near by
  4. Now that's a proper storm, constant flashes of lightning every few seconds and heavy rain!
  5. Radar is looking promising, think Harrow should see something too!
  6. I'm probably not reading the charts correctly but it does seem like there could be a chance that they start to move a bit more northwards over London in the next few hours.
  7. What a difference 24 hours make, temperature a lot more bearable and clear blue skies once again. Seems most of the convection is moving quite Westerly and sliding away from London into more central areas.
  8. This afternoon looks interesting, need those temperatures to shoot up to 30c+
  9. That's the heat well and truly over, absolutely bucketing it down here in West London, absolutely fantastic period of weather.
  10. Isn't most of that stuff from France meant to die as it hits the UK?
  11. Can hear thunder all around but other than that it's nothing special.
  12. Doesn't look great for our region to be honest, but never was really foretasted to be in the first place. AROME has a few cells that may pop up but I imagine they won't be up to much. Better to expect nothing, switch off the radar and open up a cold beer in the garden and be pleasantly surprised if something does happen.
  13. French imports won't arrive until ~7 pm onwards, a lot of uncertainty as to how far they will go but it's still too early to call.
  14. You get the feeling it might be hard to forecast thunderstorms eh?
  15. Another beautiful day ahead as this heat comes to an end in the next couple of days sadly. Was able to watch the distant lightening from the cells that popped up in Slough and Southall last night, didn't look like anything special but might have been a different story directly underneath. Hopefully we can keep those storms at bay today as it seems the SW and Central England are the favoured areas.
  16. Despite being under it there isn't much going on, few rumbles of thunder and a bit of lightening for 5 minutes.
  17. Thunder and lightening nearby now, no rain despite being under the cell on the radar.
  18. Rumbles of thunder from that nearby cell that's popped up over West London.
  19. Can hear thunder from that cell that's sprang up over West London
  20. Local station showing 32.6 c, absolutely sweltering, albeit a lot more comfortable than yesterday's humidity. Wonder how high we can get today? 37c? 38c? Hopefully any storms hold off. Fantastic spell of hot weather.
  21. Wow, local station showing 31.4 c already - think that's the hottest it's been at this time since this spell began. Not surprising considering how hot it was last night. What a fantastic spell of hot weather this has been!
  22. Today felt hot, even now it feels absolutely sweltering. Local station is 25.4c and humidity still rising. You start to get that feeling that it's going to go bang at some point in the next few days.
  23. Looks like we've got another 4, maybe 5 days of 30c+ - beautiful! Fortuantely it looks like we'll avoid any storms today as well which will keep the Sun with us 🙂
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