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  1. The BBQ shield is holding strong, despite being centre of the amber warning we've not had a drop of rain!
  2. Amber warning out for parts of Surrey/London and surrounding areas. Looks a little too West unless things are going to shunt over?
  3. That warning looks too far West unless things are going to shunt over a bit?
  4. Things really picking up over London, hoping nothing activates over my parts as the BBQ is on the go.
  5. Cell seems to have appeared overhead in West London, bit of rain and feeling very tropical. Happy to do a naked rain dance if it'll help initiate a thunderstorm
  6. In the garden with a cold one, still 30c and lots of blue sky. Further East looks great fun!
  7. Looks great the further East you are! Absolutely sweltering here with plenty of blue sky about still, local station has us at 31.6c.
  8. Looks like we may have kick off, starting with some very rapid cells developing over St Albans and Stevenage
  9. Looks like there could be some excitement this afternoon in the form of storms!
  10. I see there's quite the blanket warning out tomorrow for thunderstorms, fingers crossed they don't materialise, BBQ and the England match takes priority! Very pleasant in the sun today with a breeze, current temp 22.6 c
  11. Absolutely bucketing it down still, a welcome relief from the humidity and hayfever! Wembley is going to be rather wet tonight!
  12. Perhaps I slept through it but it just seems like bog standard rain, nothing special. Guess too far West. Feeling very humid this morning.
  13. Boy is it humid tonight! Absolutely sweltering, looking forward to see some rain (and some hayfever relief). Looking exciting for the more Eastern parts of our region for some stormy weather overnight.
  14. Some wonderful weather recently, high of 25c yesterday. Hoping the latest UKV is correct, 27 c is perfect, no need for 30c+ over the weekend Beer gardens are going to be rocking this Sunday!
  15. Local station was showing 28.6 c, absolutely glorious day! A shame these pesky clouds and rain have come to spoil the party, was looking to a few beers outside in the garden.
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