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  1. -3c at 6.30 am, lovely brisk walk into work, missed this weather!
  2. Temperature starting to fall away now, down to 6.7c from 8.3c at 9am. Been looking forward to the colder temperatures for a while now, may even see a sleety mix tomorrow.
  3. Must admit this is my favourite type of weather, nice and fresh in the morning and evenings and clear skies and sun during the day, long may it continue! Hit a low of 3.1 c over night.
  4. Wind is really picking up now and the worst is yet to come!
  5. Uxbridge90

    Hurricane Florence

    Anyone got any good live streams?
  6. How miserable, can we rewind a few weeks and bring back the 30c+ heat? Not particularly nice alongside the humidity either
  7. Bit of heavy rain a little earlier but now the sun is back out - looks like Central London is taking a bit of a hammering!
  8. Anyway, felt like an Autumn morning and think we hit a low of 9c overnight, must've been even colder out in the country! Some storm potential to look forward to today, should be interesting to see what happens
  9. The radar looks quite impressive - some of us are going to get absolutely drenched tonight,looks further West than projected at the moment which should bring more into the game - fortunately most should avoid it for the rush hour. Hopefully a nice thunderstorm later in the evening to go alongside a Dominos and some magical herb
  10. By the looks of the radar there's some showers incoming
  11. It will be a shame to see the heat go, whilst it's a bit of a pain when working or trying to get to sleep, I do miss it when we end up with days upon days of greyness and cloud. I'm slightly confused as to why there seems to be so many people on the forum arguing about the weather, very odd, worse in the winter/snow mind. Looks like there's a fair bit of uncertainty as to how widespread the storms will be tonight, looks like the further East you are of the region the more chance you have.
  12. High of 27.2c so far - lovely weather, looks like the weekend is going to be beautiful with highs of 32/33c tomorrow!
  13. So after a much needed cooler weekend, I'm looking forward to it heating up again - low 30s on Friday sounds delightful! Think we got up to 25.2c yesterday but when directly in the sun it felt a lot more like 30 - very easy to get burnt despite the cooler temps
  14. Looks to be plenty more coming out of France!
  15. Finally, after 2 months it's rained here!