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  1. Maybe unrelated but the council have rocked up in the last 30 minutes and making an almighty noise cutting down trees. Seems strange to be doing it now!
  2. Huge crash of thunder and lightening just then! Edit: and another!
  3. Some fantastic weather the last few days, glad winter has finally done one, looks like we could be pushing 17/18 c, maybe even warmer next week - incredible compared to where we were at this point last year.
  4. End of the week starting to look very good - 14 or 15c with plenty of Sun by Friday perhaps!
  5. Great for me and the other 3000 heading down, probably not so good for anyone who doesn't care about the match!
  6. What's it like in Brighton folks? Down that way tomorrow for the football!
  7. Despite the radar there doesn't seem to be anything falling near the M25
  8. We'll be on the edge I imagine, the heavier stuff will go south of us - check Yamkins post.
  9. That really light stuff on the radar isn't offering too much at the moment.
  10. Looks to be pepping up and dragging everything in as well @Surrey What you make of it Surrey?
  11. Seems to be snow to the West and Sleet to the East, cut off seems to be just east of Brixton Snowing here in West London
  12. Seemed to snow most of the night, few cms accumulated. Looks to be thawing already and will no doubt be a slushy mess by the afternoon! Unfortunately not enough to get anytime off work
  13. Nice thin layer of snow here (1cm) in West London, got more a few days back but the night is early!
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