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  1. Amber warning out for parts of the SE. Think I'll get out of central London a bit earlier than planned I think, trains are bad enough as it is.
  2. The rain just hasn't stopped today - absolutely hammering it down again, thundering as well - it seems a few of the drains were struggling this morning, no idea what it's like now. Edit: Now lightening Going to be a pretty nasty commute back from Central for some tonight I think!
  3. Absolutely biblical rain coming into central London this morning, a real sock drencher - few cracks of thunder overhead but nothing too exciting.
  4. Sweltering in London today but considering it could be the last hot day of the year I'll take it. Glad the storms stayed away so we get another nice evening!
  5. Just looking at the radar and boy am i jealous of what's coming in to effect parts of East London and East of that. Looks like it could be an incredible evening. Local weather station still showing 33c here in West London, clear skies too!
  6. Sun's back out and still 33c. Hopefully it kicks off a bit later.
  7. Not looking great for storms in London but to the East of London it looks like there will be some fireworks!
  8. So how we looking for storms this evening then in our part of the world? Seems that all the forecasts are all over the place at the moment
  9. Hit a high of 37.8c so far - hoping for some fireworks this evening!
  10. 35.3 c according to http://www.hillviewweather.co.uk/
  11. 34.7 c now in West London (according to a local weather station anyway) - think there's a good chance we'll get the hottest day since records began.
  12. 31 c according to local weather station - 35 c by midday perhaps?
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