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  1. Almost perfect conditions for some quite intense thunderstorms for most parts of our region today, with some quite significant downpours.
  2. A very Heavy rain shower a 16:45 for around half an hour or so with a coupon of rumbles of thunder mixed in. Not a thunder storm as such. First rainfall in a while which had cleared the air. Tomorrow has the potential for more for this location and the region as a whole, but it’s difficult to pin point exact locations and intensity at the moment.
  3. 29.C here (allegedly) in South Lakeland, could even be a degree or two higher. It has been consistently like this the last few days. Night times generally sit around 16.C although I am starting to get used to it, it is not pleasant. The best time to be outside is sunset when the temperature drops significantly in a couple of hours. A thundery cell appeared just north of me (around Thirlmere?) and headed in a south-easterly direction, giving thunder, lightning and heavy rain. However, it missed most populated areas in Lakeland and proceeded towards the Yorkshire dales. It did 'clip' us however, giving a minute or two of light rain in gloriously hot, sunny weather which was rather surreal. A welcome return to 'normality' (for some) for the region next week, with cloud, showers and daytime temps maxing in the early 20's and cooler nighttime temperatures.
  4. Yes very subdued here now but very much looking forward to seeing a positive spring .
  5. Yes although I must say that you can’t beat musing over the posts in the bleak mid-winter whilst eating a bowl of warm Cumbrian hot-pot and crusty bread followed by Spotted Richard with thick vanilla custard (all made using locally sourced ingredients of course!). I spent many an eve doing this during reflection over the last few weeks. I often put myself in the position of the shepherds working on the Cumbrian fells, especially over in the bleak eastern part of the county. It must be very cold and lonely work - certainly puts this into perspective!
  6. A cloudy, cool day today, albeit not too thick a cloud cover as it had been relively bright. Will be cold again tonight, although not as cold as previous nights - a soft first is possible in some exposed areas. It feed so sad to see the quiet in the forum after how busy it was this winter.
  7. Absolutely, tonight’s frost may be more penetrating than frost thought. Dependent on % cloud cover and wind speeds of course.
  8. A soft frost overnight followed by some dull greyness with the odd spell of light rain, this cleared up by mid-afternoon with some cloud but the odd patch of sun kissing the fells. More on the mild side today.
  9. Another superb day here, indeed very similar to yesterday. Certainly good enough for the RAF to send a volley of fighter jets heading north east of Windermere just before dusk!
  10. I agree entirely! Today has been simply glorious here in south central Lakeland.
  11. Surprisingly cold here tonight after a mild, almost springlike afternoon. It definitely feels as though the seasons are turning but you never know - we still have a month of winter to go!
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