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  1. LOCATION: Ambleside, Lake District. This has been one of the most longest intense thunderstorms I have experienced in a long time, certainly rivalling those on continental Europe. Began with flashes of lightning from around 21:00 - 22:00 until the thunder and rain set in around 22:30. Loud bangs and rumbles with repetitive lightning and bouts of rain/heavy rain. Still going on now and looking at the radar will continue for a good few hours yet.
  2. Morecambe is a truly dire place if your looking for significant snowfall, a once in a 20 -25 year event perhaps? I would not say I am as much happy but pleasantly surprised. This is far from a significant fall, and overall it has been a poor winter, aloof better than 16/17 that's for sure!
  3. Can never really get excited about an easterly. Generally useless for our region unless they are extremely potent.
  4. 20% chance of getting into the very south of the region (Cheshire). 10% chance of getting into the centre of region (Lancashire, Gtr Man). 1% chance of getting into the north of the region (Cumbria and above). And if it did it would fizzle out as light snow.
  5. Got a surprise couple of cm's overnight which was a bonus for me in all honesty as it certainly was not forecasted or expected. Those are the ones you cherish the most.
  6. Thursdays snowfall is a non event for the majority in the region, the midlands/south will get an absolute pummelling. Will be avoiding the news that day that's for sure! ?
  7. Superb mate! Parts in around Manchester seem to have done really well for once. Enjoy it - much deserved!
  8. GFS mostly and past experiences in addition to weather trends and patterns. Why?
  9. Yes mate, and in fairness GFS has been pretty much spot on recently.
  10. Surprise fall overnight, a shower which lasted albeit 30 mins has given a 2cm covering. Although its far from anything significant it is a pleasant surprise nevertheless. Looks like I got this one wrong, but I am fairly certain that this will be all we will see in this location in terms of snowfall for the rest of the winter, with themps set to gradually rise and a return to westerly zonality heading into February.
  11. Apologies but ramping in its most extreme sense here... For instance there is no way parts of coastal and lowland Lakeland will have a couple of cm's of snow!
  12. Cold and dry in Cumbria tonight. Any 'action' will be well south of us.
  13. Sea level. No indication of anything coming our way this evening, or indeed, in the near future.
  14. Cloud and dry here after a period of rain that was not worthy enough to be called sleet. Disappointed as always but pretty chuffed I got this forecast nailed IMBY.
  15. Some on the fells yes, cant see anything of significance comeing this evening.
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