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  1. It's gone very dark here near Wellesbourne. The Rain has just started and I think were under the amber weather warning!
  2. I'm just outside Warwick and it's been crazy here for the last 40 minutes and it's still going! Lightning every few seconds, flash after flash.
  3. Nothing here yet in Barford. (South warwickshire)
  4. BBC has us down for heavy snow from 11pm onwards and through tomorrow morning.
  5. Met Office *still* has us down for no snow.... * looks out of window* It hasn’t stopped snowing since 7 am.
  6. Met Office has us down for no snow.... * looks out of window* Its snowing here.
  7. Jeez! Blizzard here now. School run will be interesting if this keeps up!
  8. The Met Office amber warning covers Warwick too. Fingers crossed we see some snow.
  9. Just woke up, looked out of the window and we’re covered here too. Coming down nicely with more to come! Kids are jumping for joy.
  10. I really hope so! Fingers crossed Warwick will be blanketed tomorrow.
  11. Ooh! Met Office upgraded Sunday’s warning to Amber. I’m trying to not get too excited but Sunday could be a corker! We’ve had a few flurries here in Warwick but nothings settled.
  12. Woke up, looked outside and... SNOW! Ok, ok! It's only a cm or so, but I'll take it. My two year old is fascinated by it. Are we getting any more?
  13. Gah! Was excited, snowed for all of a minute and is now light sleety rain.
  14. I'm not too far from you, I really, really, REALLY! want some snow. *channels inner Veruca Salt*
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