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  1. Where is the best place to track the storms and do I stand a chance in Loughton?
  2. Yeah like I said, not too much mention and just the the warning graphics from 12 hours ago but it's changed since then
  3. Exactly what I saw on the meto, hope they're wrong would love to see some more of the white stuff but I'm loosing hope ?
  4. Big fan of deal, just purchased a property in the conservation area. Was planning to drive down this weekend but waiting to see how this pans out!
  5. Go to the meto YouTube channel. Last few forecast barely bat an eyelid in our area...
  6. Yes as I mentioned earlier the meto forecast mentioned snow in the east but had no real concern for SE. Think the amber "member" shaped warning shot a bit early. Nothing much happening I think. Please though someone prove me wrong with evidence rather than "don't know what you were watching" check the meto YouTube channel forecasts for yourself
  7. Just watched the meto forecasts. They didn't mention the SE once. Central eastern was their focus. Maybe a downgrade on the amber for us coming and also couldn't see any significant snowfal on their graphics. Hope I'm wrong but they didn't seem in the least bit concerned. Someone tell me I'm wrong please?
  8. With the slight corrections further north and apparent lack of ppn, what areas should be expecting to see snowfall this weekend?
  9. A lot of chat on the mod thread about stuff moving north and other regional threads seem to be getting busy. Did we get excited to early or will we still have a chance of snow in the SE. Can't understand the mod threads yet! ?
  10. Stopping for us now then? Not that we can complain. Loughton is covered with the white stuff
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