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  1. That is beautiful! The music is lovely & so appropriate. I have only just seen this, the 24th was my birthday!
  2. Im missing the snow too, I hate this durge.....The snow gave me something to look forward to, be excited about. It will be ages until the lovely spring warmth so now just weeks of yeuk ( maybe not, am hoping ) Just so pleased to have had some proper winter weather
  3. I wish I hadn't downloaded a radar app.....its very addictive! Loving it really ❄
  4. Still going here! Looking very pretty, no, not deep by any stretch of the imagination but all white & lovely ❄❄
  5. Day off work so just had a 2 hour walk. Ok, I did want 2 feet of snow followed by a hard frost but it was lovely today, all the flakes from the snow showers dancing around my face & fluttering down. So glad for that instead of rain & durge.
  6. I know! I was expecting 12hrs for us plus round 2 the next day. .. soo disappointed but still a chance next few days?
  7. Same here, snow showers, some heavy & then disappears til the next one. I am still hopeful as this is the beginning
  8. Snowing well here now....dare I think it may continue.... not the leaden sky required, gaps in the cloud but it does mean there's a chance. When the Easterly picks up that should be it!
  9. Finally home from work & there are flakes blowing around in the wind & 1c Hurry up & arrive...........
  10. I was really excited about this up coming event as it seemed ' a dead cert ' but now it appears not so certain after all, well for us anyway. I'm still hoping..... ..❄
  11. Yes, you are correct, we were definitely on for a good event. It seemed suddenly to disappear to me
  12. I'm banking on mid to late February for snow from what I have read on other sites. My birthday end of the month, I sometimes am lucky for that day!
  13. It' was so beautiful out there, perfect, blue sky & 15cm but I was at work....... wanted to go out to play or walk.
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