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  1. Coming down thick & fast near Tutbury. Roads covered & garden white! Excellent 😀
  2. Ha ha and the daffs can just go back down until ive seen all the snow I want! It needs to be in order!
  3. Well put! I read Met Office but wanted to believe the MAD thread ( kidding myself) Never falling into that trap again, it's too depressing when the inevitable happens
  4. I need a moan......... I'm so disappointed like so many of us, I was genuinely excited, planning a weekend walk in the snow, maybe a snow day off work ( ???) blah blah This morning, like a child, I was cheered by the snowflake crystal image on my phone, 10 mins later it changed to the rain symbol, nooooo No one said rain a week ago, I nearly cried, however I have driven to work in very light snow which is still falling now and weekend forecast is for more so i'm going to enjoy it for how ever many hours we have and tell myself it's better than none at all. What else can we do? So everyone who gets some, 1cm or 5cm lets revel in it! Sorry for those of us who have none at all, including myself if it doesn't materialise
  5. I cannot believe I have done it AGAIN! Got carried away with the model thread, hyper excited as it seemed a dead cert............... agggghhhhh
  6. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Just snow, pleeease if not now then definitely next month for my birthday, not much to ask is it? .........................................
  7. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Morning all, from edges of Derbyshire I woke to a covering & then it started again, almost blizzard. I started my 30mile drive which was tricky but roads got clearer & now at work in Penkridge where thee is very little, hoping for more to get sent home to play!
  8. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Near Penkridge, Staffs at the moment ( work) Home further North on the Derbyshire borders so hoping for more tonight!
  9. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Temp down now and snow flakes in the rain mix, 'tis going the right way me thinks....
  10. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    I can't cope!!! I allowed myself to get excited this time & it's RAINING grrrrrrrr - Staffordshire Please let this be the rain that turns to snow...........
  11. The suspense is killing me!!!! However I feel annoyed as one forecast says yes to snow, others say no for Thursday / Friday then I got excited when BBC said an easterly for next week but now it's atlantic westerly!!!! I'm in the midlands, it looks like it's just going to skirt around me