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  1. 18z run very different I think but I know from as you say these charts never verify but mild ones do !
  2. But don't think was always like this ? Many more cold spells and snow here is n Greece over the last 20 years !
  3. I find from my research that when models showing long distance positive N.A.O they are often right , but not when showing reverse at same time !
  4. Really sorry for UK ! I notice that the charts that show Northern jet coming strong always happen
  5. Hi yes since following models 5 years or so , when it becomes within 7 days has always happened as pretty much shown from beginning
  6. My family is in Scot hays Newcastle and they have blizzard !
  7. UKMO looks not interested in easterly, northern jet goes over top ?!
  8. Incredible winter wonderland here Greece ! I hope you can get this Arctic weather this week but northern jet so strong, GFS probably correct sadly !
  9. I'm really sorry for UK ! This GFS run is looking wet and mild for you guys
  10. Tomorrow here we expect maximum of -6 ! The lowest temp records for parts near here are broken it seems every few years !
  11. How is it looking for Greece ? ! I'm thinking the trend is for strong Northern jet and milder for NW Europe ?
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