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  1. Yes been a very very wet month so far
  2. Possibly from the thundery shower that went over whitby around 11am
  3. Had a thundery shower earlier . Very unusual for coming in off the North Sea
  4. Hurricane Irma

    freind in north coast of domincan has been moved to safer rooms . Got to stay in doors for 24 hours . What do you reckon the wind speeds there will be ? Anyone have any idea
  5. Hurricane Irma

    Do you think my mate should be worried ? North coast of Dominican ?
  6. Hurricane Irma

    I have a friend going to the Dominican Republic north of punta Cana on the north coast . Seems to be trending further south west every run . Worrying
  7. Brilliant storm here in whitby earlier . Was as dark as night . Constant lightening . Shot gun thunder vibrating the house and torrential rain
  8. Still at least a week of dodgy weather by the looks . Slow moving heavy thundery showers and longer spells of rain at times . Let's hope the high pressure in FI comes closer and closer witch each run
  9. Sea fog rolled in here . Wasn't expecting that was it forecast ?
  10. Looking at it on the radar looks extreme you can see the rotation of the precipitation on the radar
  11. Hope so , although we have got low cloud coming of the sea up here . Guess it's the same down in brid
  12. Quite possibly by what he's just said too someone on twitter
  13. Ian ferguson on twitter about 15 mins ago . Saying ukmo worried about roatation on that storm west of London . Serious stuff
  14. This is from Benidorm about 1hr ago decent storm IMG_1641.MP4