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  1. Should be I would of thought
  2. Will it make it across the Pennines ?
  3. Haha . Thought it was gonna be more than that lol
  4. Anyone got any charts on the transient snow event for Sunday ?
  5. Looking at the BBC graphics between 5pm and 7pm a band of snow showers look like crossing . Sunday looks good at the moment
  6. Still some snow here but melted quite a bit . Very Icey underfoot
  7. Good event for me on coast thawing a bit now but Carnt complain everywhere coverd
  8. Might change too rain here then soon .
  9. Must have a couple of Cm easy now coming down hard
  10. Carnt believe you have had thunder lol
  11. This should stay as snow now all the way ?
  12. Snowing and lying here in whitby at sea level
  13. Really starting too come down now . Starting too lay Aswell
  14. Would you believe it it's snowing . Starting too settle on top of my car . Hopefully a sign of good things to come