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  1. Looking at it on the radar looks extreme you can see the rotation of the precipitation on the radar
  2. Hope so , although we have got low cloud coming of the sea up here . Guess it's the same down in brid
  3. Quite possibly by what he's just said too someone on twitter
  4. Ian ferguson on twitter about 15 mins ago . Saying ukmo worried about roatation on that storm west of London . Serious stuff
  5. This is from Benidorm about 1hr ago decent storm IMG_1641.MP4
  6. Quite a severe storm back home yesterday according to family and friends . In Benidorm any chance of storm down there today ?
  7. Im goin to York races today , any chance there could be some storms there ? Looked further north and west on BBC forcast
  8. Some places are really getting a soaking , looking at the radar these heavy showers are not moving very far at all
  9. Yep cold out there now been some hail showers here Aswell
  10. Looking good for an early. BBQ . Lol
  11. Hence with the emoji . Sorry there was a bit of sycasm , it couldn't be any worse really
  12. Nice looking charts in the reliable timeframe . Mainly dry , rain at times in the north and west , mild . Roll on summer