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  1. What's it like further down the coast ? Not good here
  2. Storm surge happend again , feel sorry for some of the buisnesses in the town
  3. Well The back edge had rain as exsoected , melted the snow , currently , sleet / snow showers coming on off the sea on a gale force wind
  4. 2nd band hitting here now , heavy snow , topping up from earlier
  5. Well I'm glad your all getting snow for the 2nd band Aswell must mean I'm gonna get some Aswell , wind howling now
  6. Snowing here , not too heavy but laying Aswell
  7. Down to watching the radar ect then if it's worth getting up for
  8. Good news by the looks of it ? Snow even out to sea
  9. The latest BBC forecast has the percolation much further east but is it correct ?
  10. BBC graphics look good tonight , but it looks like it could be a rain event , BBC app says snow for my location but ???
  11. Probably not but not far off , think this is the best we can hope for
  12. Some of the gfs ensembles showing easterlies so I would definitely not say game over for an easterlie just yet