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  1. Cold night ahead .is that it did winter ? Least we have seen some snow . If it’s gonna be mild south westerly / west winds fast forward too spring/ summer please . Sat in the garden with a beer ??
  2. Looks a decent hit over Redcar . Showers turned more to big wet flakes rather than hail
  3. Covering of hail . Heavy line of showers developing over Whitby .
  4. Just had heavy snow shower big wet flakes right on the coast
  5. Line of showers developing off hull area moving north west could deliver for south of the region
  6. Yea . Hopefully stays lower temperatures than forecast . Winds are not meant too get too strong
  7. Good too see the reports of snow . Harsh frost here so far . Harsher than last night so far.. arnt temperatures meant too rise ? Especially at coastal areas
  8. Bit of ice on the harbour this morning, says -5c on car Duno how accurate that is . Some showers off shore at the moment
  9. Hopefully we can get something on Friday . Had a little bit of sleet yesterday on the back edge . I notice metoffice have -10c at raf fylingdales tonight . Probably due too the snow cover up there
  10. Yea had a walk down at high tide . Was wild . Waves coming up too the arcades bear magpie
  11. Heavy sleety showers . Must be some snow on the north York moors now . Dangerous sea conditions .
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