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  1. Drove out too staithes incredible storm . Big surface water flooding . Not a drop here the drought goes on
  2. Another day of crystal clear skies . Incredible really
  3. Haha . On latest satellite it's breaking up out at sea so hopefully some sun in a hour or so
  4. Yep the low cloud has arrived . Carnt complain been stunning . And a lot more too come
  5. I must be getting lucky with the mist . Ese wind must be helping here and again into the low 20s . Cracking weather .
  6. Mist left here about 9am . Still hovering out too sea . But a lovely warm day again . Working outside
  7. Decent storm earlier . Strong winds torrential rain
  8. Could be a few thundery showers this aft . Light rain clearing now sun starting too peak through
  9. 18c/19c forecast here from Tuesday onwards positively tropical
  10. Decent week coming up for the east coast . Temps in upper teens . Glad the most of uk has had decent weather but here it's been crap
  11. My dad went Keswick other week . Full sun all week and into 20's . It's our turn for some better weather now . Wasn't too bad today . Better tmorrow maybe some storms for you inland ??
  12. Decent week coming up for us .19c that will do me . Better than the 11c crap . Happy days
  13. Yep carnt believe what I'm seeing . Crystal clear skies light winds
  14. Yep . Hope you lot inland are doing better today . Cleared for about 20 mins this morning and now the low cloud is back in