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  1. Some places are really getting a soaking , looking at the radar these heavy showers are not moving very far at all
  2. Yep cold out there now been some hail showers here Aswell
  3. Looking good for an early. BBQ . Lol
  4. Hence with the emoji . Sorry there was a bit of sycasm , it couldn't be any worse really
  5. Nice looking charts in the reliable timeframe . Mainly dry , rain at times in the north and west , mild . Roll on summer
  6. I don't have winter tyres , couldn't see a thing and was thick on the roads so turned back wasn't risking getting stuck up there lol
  7. Had a ride out to. Blakey ridge , had too turn back unbelievable up there blizzard conditions , didn't make it to the lion inn
  8. Horrible wet and windy day feeling very cold in wind . Bleak , hail with the rain in the last 10 mins
  9. It's passed me was quite heavy and started to settle but melting now
  10. If that's the band over me now ? It is falling as snow but light , must of pepped up coming down now settling on cars and grass so looking good for you inland
  11. Snow showers on and off all day , the moors look white though , having a trip over to teeside park so should see some of the white stuff
  12. I've just had a ride up there , 10 mins from whitby a nice covering up there , had snow down here but melted quickly
  13. Yep just had a snow / hail shower laying on cars and pavements but melting once it stopped
  14. Looks like there is a few heavier showers pepping up out to see , still the same here , feeling cold now light flurries