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  1. What a lovely day . Was working in Sandsend and people were on the beach paddling . Forecast 22c fmorrow . Still lovely now
  2. Looking good next week . Looks like I'll get some sun in the garden . Get the oil out
  3. Lovely day today once the fog burnt back offshore . Another crap week coming up . However next week looking really good I just might get a bit of sunbathing in garden after work . Knowing my luck the fog will be back In
  4. Just been too shop drizzle here but. Very windy and cold now .
  5. Great video . The snow will never leave lol .
  6. Outlook looks really poor . Hope we don't get another easterly . Be pretty chilly . Dieing for a bit of proper sun now
  7. Some good lighting on show now with the shower coming . Very angry skies
  8. Just had some hail with last shower . Quite lovely downpours around
  9. Just rain here . Yet another crap day . Ready for some warmth . Well over due now
  10. That would be lovely . Hope it verifies lol . Might get the oil out haha
  11. Models backing away from the real cold . Still a chance of snow though .
  12. Quayside , yea that one ain't bad . Magpie takeaway isn't much cop inside always spot on
  13. Was gorgeous today . Just been too magpie that was just as good , any of you go / been ?
  14. I know , hopefully it will be meaningful . Ready for some warmth now . Was hoping too have a BBQ Easter Sunday with mates . Not happening maybe sledging lol
  15. What a lovely morning bit nippy but the sun is shining . Looks like some incredible cold air for Easter weekend with snow showers off North Sea . Hope it changes