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  1. Lucky you , doubt it will last long though
  2. Sunday on the gfs looks nasty , could be some bother down North Sea coastal counties . Storm surge ?
  3. Red arrows cancelled at Whitby regatta due too weather . Typical after the summer we have had
  4. Another gorgeous day , finished work and beer garden at White House till now . Incredible summer . Looks down hill from Wednesday . Please not for long lol
  5. I’ll show you picture incredible hail at York . Great lightening show back too Whitby
  6. Oh god getting on bus now going round city centre this aft in bars n pubs
  7. Just had a storm . Bad for around 10 minutes off too York races may see something there later
  8. Good storm heading towards Redcar . All the storms have missed me don’t ask me how lol
  9. Few Rumbles and flashes but the storms split as they approach me
  10. That cell looks like a monster too my south . Just noticed a heavy downpour developed around teesport
  11. Can see that big cell too my south now hope it’s heading for me Whitby north York’s