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  1. For those that are interested, I may start a poll on how many days the West of Scotland might go without spotting the sun. At all. Current total is around 30.
  2. Thanks, Mondy, that's interesting and useful.
  3. You are my sunshine,

    My only sunshine,

    You make me happy,

    When skies are grey,

    And the skies are always bloody grey around here...

  4. Reputations should bother you not

    As a guide they are not worth a jot

    So plus me, or minus

    Whichever is fine, as

    I don't give a fig what I've got.

  5. Em, Pete, I am no expert on such matters, but it seems to me that the authors of a goodly number of international scientific research papers, and (more importantly) over a thousand posts in this thread, would be a tad surprised and not a little dismayed if NSSC had had the definitive answer to your question all this time, and just not shared it with us. Or did I miss something?
  6. Yes, thanks SteveB, I have been - but it's the constant diversions into the interweb for background info that's really slowing me down. Still, a fascinating subject. My only reservation is that it would be a shame if the ice-rampers got a bit carried away with themselves to the detriment of a lot of interesting possibilities being taken seriously.
  7. This is really interesting, and in its own way quite remarkable. I find it curious, irrespective of possible over-excitement regarding future outcomes releated to weather, that this subject isn't gaining more recognition in the press and media. (Obviously those of you who are long-time students of matters solar aren't so gobsmacked by current events, but I am, and encouraged to delve deeper.)
  8. My cup is full and runneth over. So are my wellies.

  9. It’s not climate change that causes problems with species extinction, it’s climate chaos. It’s not the fact of changing conditions that proves to be beyond the ability to adapt, it’s the speed of changing conditions that doesn’t allow time to adapt. The zonal realignment and narrowing or widening of tropical, sub-tropical, temperate and arctic latitudes has historically been slow moving and survival within an adjusting environment was predicated on flora and fauna having time to move with and within their comfort zone. Or adapt to suit where that wasn’t possible.What has changed, and this is irrespective of whether people have caused climate chaos, is the number of people on the planet and the area of the planet’s surface that we rely on to grow food. At the moment the lush areas provide enough to supplement the habitation of arid areas, even although this is becoming less and less sustainable. The problem in the future would be if the grain-growing belts narrowed or precipitously relocated to the extent that not enough bread ended up in the basket. I’m afraid that would lead to charity beginning at home and end up with the survival of the fittest. Not the end of the human species, probably, but quite possibly a downward adjustment in our numbers. You're lucky. I've got the North Atlantic to look forward to. Fisherman's Friend anyone?
  10. Suit yourself. The donkey sanctuary is that-a-way >>>>Or, you could release your sense of humour and join in the fun. Coast is a major lurker; mostly in wheelie bins around the Liverpool area. He would love some company, I’m sure. And Malady collects lurkers. She has them all over the place. (Well, when I say she ‘has them’, what I mean is she likes to feel them about. No, I mean she is a very conscientious forum team leader and stimulates members to penetrate her intimate circle.) Oh, and I was joking about Mr. Nil. Don't on any account go anywhere near him. I trust that clears things up? But some are even more miserable than others. You still here?
  11. Oh well, if you feel you must. Mr. Nil lurks for sheep. You should go and have a chat with him.
  12. From the album: Out and About

    Chatelherault Country Park
  13. The Penguin

    Out and About

    Places, hills, mountains, lochs and tumbling water.
  14. From the album: Out and About

    Chatelherailt Country Park
  15. From the album: Out and About

    Chatelherault Country Park
  16. From the album: Out and About

    Chatelherault House, Hamilton.
  17. Presumably they've got over it by now. (Methinks you have a doppelganger Mr Data:- http://theweatheroutlook.com/twocommunity/...ms/t/27000.aspx Beware the other side...) There are strict codes regarding earthing of scaffolding now, but it's astonishing how often the straps and spikes are missing, even on large contracts.
  18. Sheltered Hawk, thank you so much for that; I've wet myself now. Em, is Goosey Goosey Gandhi any relation to Boutros Boutros-Ghali? Edit. spillong.
  19. Mmm. Sounds like a cinquecento is the car to go in then.
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