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  1. Are the showers supposed to ease off today?do you think the warnings will be removed for Thursday and Friday?
  2. Yes I thought it was my eyes at first with staring at this bloody radar for last 48 hrs for zilch lol
  3. Yeah I meant when the colder uppers are in ,it won’t be sleet then be all snow everywhere
  4. It’s just a phrase that’s always been used it basically means snow showers,I know what u mean though ,it might as well just say snow cos that’s what it’s gonna be
  5. Only light snow showers from the met office warning for Monday at the minute ,hopefully might increase the amounts they are currently suggesting as 1-4 cm doesn’t seem much
  6. Well I for one will be happy if the icon is repeated on the other models this morning
  7. Can’t be good for the heart this model watching lol but a good start from the icon,
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