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  1. Is it likely the the snowy charts of yesterday could make a come back?
  2. I just tweeted the ECM and told it to have a think about it’s behavior
  3. Fabulous output for the middle of next week onwards with more warm/hot weather to come.
  4. So basically a few days of slight fresher air from Saturday/Sunday then more sunny and hot weather, great output.
  5. Wow yet again amazing output today and as others have said apart from a blip or two the heat is continuing.
  6. Lovely output so far this evening with the heat looking like continuing.
  7. Stunning output over the last 24 hours with some scorching weather predicted.
  8. Loving that the warmth is looking like it’s going to continue over the next 10 days, yes there might be showers/rain at times but least it’s still warm.
  9. I don’t see anything wrong with these charts tonight I know it’s not showing high high temperatures but at least it’s staying warm.
  10. ECM leading the way this morning with warm/hot weather, then UKMO is also good.
  11. Lovely output so far from UKMO and GEFS this evening more warm/hot weather continuing.
  12. A great run yet again for the next 10 days despite a slight drop off in temperatures later in the run
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