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  1. Well I've never been so underwhelmed by the storms of the other night. Not a flash or bang to be had here. Pretty typical for this part of the world these last few years. Glad some of you got some action though.
  2. Yes it will be too Far East for us now unless something else brews up
  3. A great little lightning display going on at Sceveningen in Holland right now. http://www.scheveningenlive.nl/strand-webcam/
  4. Great little storm here. Just the right time of eve to see the lightning as well. My storm drought is officially broken.
  5. A few new strikes near Worksop/ Newark areas. It may not be over just yet.
  6. The skies are clearer now than they have been all day but that might be a good sign.
  7. I've never known a year as bad as this one for storms. Last year wasn't much better either.
  8. Lincs is always suspiciously quiet. Not had a single rumble this year yet.
  9. I wonder what that strange artefact is that is at the bottom of the lightning strike. I had exactly the same on a video grab that I did.
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