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  1. Similar here, forecast -5c, got +2c.. damned cloud. at least I didn't have to scrape the car today!
  2. Stormyskies56

    #NameOurStorms: is it a good idea?

    Wasn’t it last winter our Met Office seemed to always wait for the Irish met to name it? Maybe just seemed like it. Does seem odd to name it now. Has there been an unexpected change in the observations in the last hour I wonder?
  3. Temp got to 1.7c max with frost and ice staying on cars, roofs and in gardens out of direct sun today. Temp now 0c
  4. Stormyskies56

    9th November Possible Storm

    Surprised its not been named given the amber warning now out. I thought that was one of the criteria.
  5. Stormyskies56

    General Volcanic Activity Thread!

    Defo seems like its building up to something and it does sound like its overdue a biggie, I wouldn't be worried, there is not much we can do about it. When will it go up ... I don't think the experts really know and they have said as such in reports today. I understand this volcano is often more active in the autumn. I did read somewhere that if it goes up you should be able to hear the explosion as far away as Paris. No idea if that's really true or not.
  6. Oh not far away, I’m Bath Road. No accident here, it’s flat on my bit!
  7. Still snowing in Swindon, light and slowly building up
  8. I’ve picked up my bin already. It’s not really windy in Swindon at all. Just cold rain
  9. I e only live here since July 2015. This is the first Swindon snow I’ve seen. Oh look a snow plough, that’s a first for today.
  10. Yep not snowing or raining or anything in my bit of Swindon
  11. Apparently it’s big snow flakes in Keynsham Bristol now. Here in Swindon it’s white!
  12. Yes it’s a little chaotic here because it rained and then snowed. So nothing is gritted. Hearing reports of a lot of accidents and quite a few hills are not passable. I’m on the A4289 and I’ve not yet seen a grittier or plough.