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  1. I’ve picked up my bin already. It’s not really windy in Swindon at all. Just cold rain
  2. I e only live here since July 2015. This is the first Swindon snow I’ve seen. Oh look a snow plough, that’s a first for today.
  3. Yep not snowing or raining or anything in my bit of Swindon
  4. Apparently it’s big snow flakes in Keynsham Bristol now. Here in Swindon it’s white!
  5. Yes it’s a little chaotic here because it rained and then snowed. So nothing is gritted. Hearing reports of a lot of accidents and quite a few hills are not passable. I’m on the A4289 and I’ve not yet seen a grittier or plough.
  6. Apparently we had the same here in Swindon earlier. Got that muffled quietness now with snow settling fast.
  7. Yep light snow falling here for the third day in a row.
  8. Hell of a windchill today in Swindon. It might not be as cold a previous days but that wind is bone chilling.
  9. I had a frozen windscreen this morning, ice rather than frost. Then it was clear blue skies until mid morning when we went cloudy and grey. Feeling raw out, guess this is just the start of the next few days at least.
  10. Yes it's all gone .. well MAD in the MAD thread. Sometimes it's not what people say but they way they say it. Much safer and friendlier in here. Was dripping ice cold rain at 4pm in Old Town Swindon. Yuk!
  11. Snow/sleet/rain at J18 M4. Kept on swapping between all three.
  12. Yes it's windier in Swindon today than is has been for quite a while now. It was a weird feeling! I note the met office are mulling over the naming of Friday's storm (as per Helen Willets comment after the 10pm news)
  13. Well this is interesting. Is that something in the radar approaching our area? Showers towards Swindon.
  14. Of all my years lurking I have rarely visited this thread. What an idiot I am! I used to live in Keynsham/Mangotsfield nr Bristol but now I'm in Swindon. They are not that far apart really but what a difference in weather. I didn't have high hopes for yesterday, I never do when snow is predicted. But we got a nice dusting and my work colleagues we're happy. I rarely tell them anything, they think I'm nuts! Anyway, this thread is awesome and here is to the rest of winter, another whole 2.5 months to go!