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  1. Well it’s over for me, i’m closing my winter chapter now. Thanks fo nothing “so called” storm Darcy next year hopefully
  2. I lost my hopes, just checked a couple of graphs and nothing coming up for Brighton. It was showing heavy snow for Thursday but that’s gone too. It’s been years without seeing a lying snow. I am so jealous of my friends in NYC, they see at least 1 big snowstorm every winter
  3. Brighton, 10 min ago. Now it’s sunny and still snowing very lightly. Not settling.
  4. It’s almost like we have an invisible shield so the bands of snow cannot approach
  5. Same as Brighton. Just started snowing but very very lightly. I’ve been waiting for all week for Sunday to go out and take nice snowy photos. What we got is just wet streets and muddy garden
  6. Brighton still looks like it's on the edge these lows from atlantic keep pushing the cold air to north, so annoying, they just keep coming!
  7. Finally: Beast from the East set to release extreme cold and snow over Europe next week WWW.SEVERE-WEATHER.EU A cold outbreak is setting up for next week as a so-called Beast from the East will push extreme cold and also some snow towards the central-west Europe.
  8. I think I will move up somewhere in the middle house prices are cheaper as well
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