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  1. I've been living in the UK for almost 9 years now (this will be my 9th xMas here) and all of the Christmas days were the same, mild, dull, nothing going on. I think this will be the same as well ? even in Istanbul we used to get snow for New Years day (thanks to Black Sea, we always get sea effect snow every winter).
  2. This winter forecast just killed off all my snow hopes for this winter ? Long Range Weather Forecast - Winter 2019/2020 | Netweather.tv WWW.NETWEATHER.TV
  3. Hi to everyone from a gorgeous sunny but cold day from Brighton. This is my first post of this winter. Let's hope to see nice snowy days here in Brighton as well. I checked that snow forecast but it seems like we won't get anyhting here next week ? (classic). I hope it will al change and cover whole SE England
  4. Summary: cold with easterlies = 50% mild with atlantic = 50% as usual :))))
  5. Snowflaked are huge here in Brighton 320A8885-11FD-4554-BE06-E269EFADBF56.MOV
  6. I am sure it will snow when we all are sleeping and then melt. When we woke up tomorrow we won't see anything, I'm not happy, in fact I'm quite sad. Always the case!!!
  7. I knew it, that's why I didn't wanna keep my expectations high. I am sure they will remove the warnings soon!!!
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