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  1. 4 hours ago, jethro said:

    It's got to be In The Bleak Midwinter for me.

    Winter/Christmas Eve of 1981, I was in Young Farmers, we were booked to do the rounds of local big houses, carol singing for charity, the only way we could get around was on skis. I'll never forget the surreal sight of coming out of Great Tew church (in the Cotswolds) after midnight mass and seeing rows of skis stood up against the church. Snow had fallen, snow on snow, it lasted for weeks, cut villages off, it was like middle England had turned into the Austrian Tyrol. For me, still the best winter ever.

    That’s a lovely story. I love “Inthe Bleak Midwinter” also

    Theres a good version by Bert Jansch which I always mistook for Ralph McTell until many years later 🙂

  2. That East17 song “Stay another Day” is another for 1995 though I have a feeling it came out the previous winter. In 1995 it started snowing here on Christmas Eve and by Boxing Day there was an even 6 inches. This freeze last until the New Year.



  3. 4 hours ago, knocker said:

    This in 1963 because it reminds me of a cold wooden hut in Antarctic (aka the met office on the Salisbury Plain) and freezing my cobblers off. Oh happy days


    Antarctica? Wow🙂

    that blows everyone else out of the water😆

    I ve always loved music and associate certain significant times with certain tunes. I have other ‘winter songs” I may add later. Good that there are like minds 👍

  4. 41 minutes ago, Mattwolves said:

    Yes Damien, I think it's now 15 or so days with no sun spots.. Meaning a distinct lack of sun spot activity for over 50%of days so far this year. And I think by 2020 the main star would be heading into solar minimum. Just to think from 1645 to 1715 sunspots we're extremely rare, and we all no what the resultant outcome was then. This kind of a set up could lead to a 1 maybe 2 degree drop in global temperatures... Doesn't seem a lot but this could come with devastating consequences. Is this the reason for our episode of HLB in May and early June!! It's possible, the jet stream is certainly meandering, I no its summer and I'm still hoping for some more decent wether yet, but this coming winter could prove to be very interesting, if these episodes of HLB keep intensifying then boom, we could be staring down the barrel of one hell of a cold snap. Apperantly a weather metric that tells us how the top of earths atmosphere is responding to solar activity, is telling us that it's roughly 10 times cooler than it was during the record setting solar max of 1957/58..And that source is from the space agency NASA. I hope it doesn't kill our summer just yet, but boy it would be fun if it brought the winter some of us crave.... 1947.....anyone....

    Is this a first? Winter getting ramped on 1st July 😄

  5. 19 minutes ago, knocker said:

    I am not saying the model temps are correct, model temps days down the line are always dubious, but I see no value whatsoever in rough analogues when the precise detail of the surface analysis is crucial to determine the influence of any CAA. This is the gfs  chart for Thursday PM illustrating the low level winds

    I also don't understand why people are obsessing about this. Sure the model forecasts may well be wrong but making a better one is way above my pay grade



    Too much obsessing about breaking temperature records. You know where that will lead right?

  6. 1 hour ago, Mr Frost said:

    Sorry mate - when I said pretty rubbish above I meant temperature/heat wise for the Northwest. (NI included)

    In NI you would probably be looking at sunny spells and 17 degrees on that chart.

    However South/Southeast England average July temp is roughly 23c for most of that area. (I think!) 

    Obviously they would do well! (They always do in Summer!) 🌞


    Anyways - it will all look different again in a few hours. 😂

    After the summer so far I’ll take the bit in bold. Obviously those temps would rise day on day if that Azores High could establish.  Feeling quite positive that the rut we were in is firmly behind us 🙂👍


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