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  1. The info I’m getting is 100 CENTIMETRES of snow https://www.severe-weather.eu/mcd/bombogenesis-cyclone-iceland-extreme-snowfall-hurricane-winds-mk/
  2. Greeny High in winter and omega block in summer are my favourites
  3. Love the forum, the realists, the fantasy islanders, the lot. The only thing that gets me down is zonality at 300 hours verifying and winter wonderland failing at 36 hours. No forum member is to blame for that though. It’s just these weird little islands we call home.
  4. Low 1.6 degrees Hi today 7.2 degrees just now 1500hrs Dry cloudy and still again....
  5. I see what you mean. Hudson Bay will freeze over later in the season.
  6. Mixture of blue sky and clouds. Dry and still (again) Somewhat milder than of late 6.4 degrees
  7. There had to be a Xmas song eventually but this George Michael song stands out for me for 2009 as we were frozen from mid December to mid January, although definitely not as much snow as 2010.
  8. That’s a lovely story. I love “Inthe Bleak Midwinter” also Theres a good version by Bert Jansch which I always mistook for Ralph McTell until many years later
  9. That East17 song “Stay another Day” is another for 1995 though I have a feeling it came out the previous winter. In 1995 it started snowing here on Christmas Eve and by Boxing Day there was an even 6 inches. This freeze last until the New Year.
  10. Absolutely still and overcast. Hasn’t got above 3 degrees all day. Zero precipitation. Actually been like this here for most of last 2-3 weeks...
  11. Land of Make Believe is a good one that reminds me of 1981 too
  12. Antarctica? Wow that blows everyone else out of the water I ve always loved music and associate certain significant times with certain tunes. I have other ‘winter songs” I may add later. Good that there are like minds
  13. Is this a first? Winter getting ramped on 1st July
  14. This projection is always better for my area than a plume. Rarely get that much out of a plume in NW but I understand why majority love it. Rather have nailed on high teens low twenties than really high temperatures followed by storms and a breakdown.
  15. Agree Too much obsessing about breaking temperature records. You know where that will lead right?
  16. After the summer so far I’ll take the bit in bold. Obviously those temps would rise day on day if that Azores High could establish. Feeling quite positive that the rut we were in is firmly behind us
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