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  1. That East17 song “Stay another Day” is another for 1995 though I have a feeling it came out the previous winter. In 1995 it started snowing here on Christmas Eve and by Boxing Day there was an even 6 inches. This freeze last until the New Year.
  2. Absolutely still and overcast. Hasn’t got above 3 degrees all day. Zero precipitation. Actually been like this here for most of last 2-3 weeks...
  3. Land of Make Believe is a good one that reminds me of 1981 too
  4. Antarctica? Wow that blows everyone else out of the water I ve always loved music and associate certain significant times with certain tunes. I have other ‘winter songs” I may add later. Good that there are like minds
  5. Is this a first? Winter getting ramped on 1st July
  6. This projection is always better for my area than a plume. Rarely get that much out of a plume in NW but I understand why majority love it. Rather have nailed on high teens low twenties than really high temperatures followed by storms and a breakdown.
  7. Agree Too much obsessing about breaking temperature records. You know where that will lead right?
  8. After the summer so far I’ll take the bit in bold. Obviously those temps would rise day on day if that Azores High could establish. Feeling quite positive that the rut we were in is firmly behind us
  9. That Azores push is a little stronger than I expected. We might do ok out of that in NW.
  10. Anti cyclonic weather has never in my life been so prevalent as in the last 18 months. I keep expecting the return of the SW train. It would be nice to hear some informed analysis.
  11. Yep I’m a winter and summer fan myself. Can’t be arsed with autumn and spring. They’re neither one thing nor the other.
  12. Hi Jo A covering of snow when I woke up. Melts a bit between showers . Looks to be worse in Fermanagh which is Just south of here. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-47034907
  13. Although it’s showers rather than frontal, I expect it all to be all snow as it’s coming from the cold air behind the front, so I expect to get more snow, and hence disruption than many places the front passes over. Not bothered about metoffice warnings as I’m always prepared anyway.
  14. Was wondering about that myself MS? Lookin at Weirpigs graphics above we will be peppered.
  15. I’ve been thinking about it since I read this and I’m going to classify this as a “ramp”
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