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  1. Can we ever truly “expect” snow in the British Isles. Apart from The highlands of Scotland it never really seems to be a done deal. Even when it is forecast, I expect to be one of the places that misses it, and don’t believe it until I see it. Quite a lot of snow at times in this location but still couldn’t say I ever really “expect” it lol
  2. Thanks for enlightening me MIA. I hope he swears again this year 😄
  3. What moment? What expression MIA? My memory for 2010 Hadley me down on this
  4. Bit of a “dad” joke of mine to say to the kids on 1st October “Has anybody woke Green Day up yet?”
  5. Interesting video As you say, very perceptible changes in wind direction and speed picked up. You should post more videos like this when something interesting occurs 👍
  6. @damianslaw the winter queen 😁 what a song for winter lovers ❤️
  7. December 2010 perfect winter month December 2009 extremely cold but without same snow depth as 2010 December 1981 extremely cold and deep snow but not as long lasting as 2010 December 2000 not a particularly cold month here but a spectacular Christmas to New Year with deep snow and very low temps December 1995 as with December 2000 So in summary the best winter weather in my location is always in December. Definitely cold at other times but it’s December that hits the bullseye most often here.
  8. I don’t want much. Just another front loaded snow fest like 2010.
  9. Stay on these Roads by A-ha is a brilliant winter tune. Listen to those words
  10. Incredible choices! I feel like I know you. Tori Amos Winter is not a well known tune but one of my favourites. Brilliant post.
  11. Entire North Atlantic filled with a huge trough in 8 days time..... Enjoy the pleasant spell in between
  12. Agreed. March to 1st half of June, well documented as being very good throughout British Isles. 2nd half June, all of July very poor here in NI. Last week provided some late summer sun but back to poor again now.
  13. The BBC app is not fit for purpose. Every single day for the last week here is grey cloud and 17/18 degrees. Reality 22/23 degrees and unbroken sunshine.
  14. We never had a heat wave here 🙂 but it’s been low to mid twenties and sunny for the last week and that suits me perfectly. Looks like this location is well placed for same conditions until at least Tuesday. I pay a lot of attention to what John Holmes has to say, and I feel that may be the last hurrah of proper summer.
  15. Good post and yes, 1995 was an almost perfect year in that way.
  16. You would think these ex hurricanes coming into the mix would produce beneficial outcomes occasionally. All weather being chaotic to some extent, you’d think it would possibly sweep away poor weather just once in a while. Always seems to result in the toning down of a better outcome.
  17. Could you emphasise NW just one more time please? Only kidding, we’ve had practically no rain from March to the end of May and but nobody emphasised that. Now that a more normal pattern has emerged we have our name up in lights again ?
  18. Would NE locations not fare worst with Azores ridging, I would have thought?
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