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  1. Couldn’t care less about breaking records. Let’s just keep settled conditions as often and for as long as possible. Anywhere from low twenties is comfortable enough. I think record breaking temperatures would just be uncomfortable.
  2. So you want my location to be soaked so you can have your plume?
  3. First rainy day here today since I can’t remember. Decent soaking the ground got. Drying up now and still warm.
  4. In your location that is possible. It’s always “the end” for us
  5. Are the people willing a plume on, really thinking it through? The price for your record breaking temperature day will be the end of the settled weather. Why can’t people be content with mid twenties and just enjoy them? There are about 4 summers in my lifetime that I’d say we’re perfect 1976,1983,1995,2003 and I’d like to add 2018. A plume now could possibly leave us with six weeks of the Atlantic and all this sunshine will fade in the memory.
  6. Is this a first for UK? A strongly supported breakdown that just fades away. It’s usually the other way round - a forecast heatwave fading away.
  7. Summers over! (Sound of toys bouncing on ground from a now empty pram)
  8. You lot always get the hottest air! Leave it with us for once
  9. Why are people so fixated by hitting 35-36-37-38 degrees? All I care about is these are the best summer model runs for quite a while. Anything sunny and in 20s is comfortable enough for BBQs and any other out door activity. I’d rather have lower temperature that lasted for longer than scoring 38 degrees followed by thundery breakdown.
  10. Getting local weather alerts that Hector will become a Cat 1 cyclone for a time between midnight and 0800 hrs
  11. The BBC forecast expects high pressure to North of us to win out and the low to sink towards Bay of Biscay. As a result pleasantly warm everywhere and a bit more unsettled further south.
  12. Agree with Northwestsnow here. Regional forecast for my area is sunny every day this week and in 20s. strange post.