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  1. The nature of showers varying widely is just them covering all bases in case somewhere gets a dumping of snow or somewhere in the middle of the warning area gettting nothing. As with so many things nowadays, they are terrified of the feeble minds not being able to cope with one or the other. We used to be much more stoic. 😊
  2. Such certainty! The met office would give their eye teeth for it.
  3. Isn't it amazing that with all the ups and downs and twoing and froing, the MILD spell this weekend has never at any stage been under threat or discounted. We just know it WILL happen.
  4. If I look over last 30 years in my part of the world, 1995,2000,2009,2010 are the winters that delivered sustained arctic snowy conditions for at least a week. That's an average of once every 7 or so years. I'm ready for another one in 2017. Incidently, all 4 involved Christmas snow.
  5. This is my second winter on the forum. I get the feeling if I ever get to see a proper winter snow scenario evolve I’ll be too knackered to enjoy it! I’ll wake up and it’ll be like nothing ever happened.
  6. Hating that last chart for 2nd Dec! 9 degrees in my area. Yuk
  7. So what your saying is... If we have other hobbies, now might be a good time to revisit them?
  8. It's the place to be even if you don't
  9. When confronted with the evidence, optimism becomes our mainstay.
  10. Nobody likes climate change, but wouldn't it be nice if even one of the changes could.bring positive change to the British Isles? Milder, wetter, and windier seems to be the way of it, with the temperature of the rain being the only difference between seasons.
  11. It'll never verify. I'll wait til T24hrs before I'll believe it! (reverse psychology)
  12. In an unusual twist, its ending before it begins this year.