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  1. Definitely starting to look up on the models and I agree that the next week is going to be an interesting one for the big French resorts. Les arcs for example looks to have a freezing level of above 2000m most nights, with the Christmas day/night freezing levels above 3000m. My fingers are well and truly crossed.
  2. Very nice to see that Les Arcs is getting a small amount of snow.... still not a much needed dump though!
  3. Thank for you for the welcome Malcolm! Models are definitely starting to hint at some snow around Christmas day and beyond, which would mean @TheGate might be digging the car out. Fingers crossed and in the meantime i'll be doing ski stretches and the yearly watch of Ski with Klammer on VHS....
  4. I have been following this thread for quite a few seasons getting my head around the weather patterns needed to produce a good snow flurry over the alps, and I have to say it is not looking good at the moment. I'm off to Les Arcs 1800 on the 7th Jan and at the moment, its looking like I will be either skiing down slithers of snow around resort, or i'll potentially be heading out after the first big dump of the year... Fingers crossed for the latter! On a side note, I was in Geneva at the weekend and went alpine walking in the Jura and had that most amazing of phenomenon where you set off
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