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  1. Think WiB has had some grief about this topic that certainly isn't necessary. Possibly not an extraordinary storm, but certainly a tight and deepening feature that looks set to cause some local issues. Here in the East Cheshire marginals storms on this track have caused some problems in the past, particularly on the rear edge when winds briefly funnel down the Irish sea and through the Mersey Estuary into the Cheshire gap. Wouldn't be surprised if some amber warnings get posted in next hour or so.
  2. Sticking level seems to be about 100m. Sticking OK in Macc and slushy on roads. Wetter down here on the A34 corridor but some on grass. 0.4c light/moderate snow. Could be really entertaining if it freezes.
  3. -1.3c breeze just getting up a bit, fog lifted, bit of a cloud sheet coming over. Wouldn't be surprised if we get a period of light snow before it turns to rain.
  4. Light covering above 400ft in marginal East Cheshire, but hills white over. Looks like that first batch of showers tanking through between Macc and South Manchester
  5. 3.3c here in the marginal belt, surprisingly some sleet and wet snow in the wind. Could have chance later.
  6. Got a full set on wifes/sons car-big believer in them for snow, slush, ice and wet roads. Completely different handling compared with normal tyres. Only issues are buying a set of rims with them so that you can change yourself and finding storage in summer.
  7. Good to see some heavy snow even if it's not sticking. Mids thread suggest reversion to rain is pretty fast though.
  8. Heavyish wet snow in the East Cheshire marginal belt at 100m asl. Not really sticking.
  9. Sleety with odd wet flake here between Macc and Congleton at 100masl. Not looking too thrilling.
  10. Raining hard between Macc and Congy, wind not got up yet. Altitude required for snow I fear-ah well (again).
  11. 3.8 degrees and steady rain here in the marginal. Some sleetiness in the heavier bursts and temperature appears to be dropping steadily. Forecast still looks hopeful in this part of the world over night but i'm expecting snow east of a line from Congleton-Macclesfield-Stockport. As an aside yesterday's fall, short lived as it was, was a real surprise with settling snow down to about 100m.
  12. Dunno-keep two/three players behind the ruck to deal with the straight carry, two go past and a usual guard and body guard set up would makes it pretty difficult, especially in bad conditions. There may be space wider out but it's hard to get to. Frog you are correct about the re bound and Fords' tackling got shown up again. Interestingly when Care took the tap to score there were English players in front of him-legal? Certainly got folks talking which is always good. For me it reveals why rugby is a great game-more than one way to skin a cat and all!
  13. Not sure they were dire Frog. Pretty clever thinking from Italy and it took a little while for them to think their way around it-have you ever seen that in first class rugby? In a way it's a compliment and a tacit acceptance that they couldn't deal with England in other ways. As an aside, Poite wasn't always consistent in when he called the ruck and whether the tackler makes the ruck and is it still a ruck if the tackler crawls away? The RFU will be gutted because they a re looking to market a fast pace easily understandable brand of rugby.. Look out or the IRB looking to clarify laws in order
  14. Wales make for an interesting watch at present, they are playing some good stuff but are getting caught out defensively not knowing whether to rush or drift. Cuthbert got caught out against England and both Liam Williams and George North (both decent defenders) got done today-albeit by good hands. Looks a bit like a lack of system confidence or communication issues to me. This is a bit odd with Shaun Edwards in charge of the defence-wonder who the backs defence leader is on the field? and are they missing Jamie Roberts as a defensive 'old head.'
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