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  1. I wouldn’t worry about Herts end it’s more driving to Kent that may be tricky. Good luck with the move
  2. In the green shading now but apart from a few flakes mainly ice pellets and not heavy at that yet yesterday we were in the dark blue shading and it was coming down thick and fast.....you couldn’t make it up I find this obsession hilarious
  3. Once again stuck between the precipitation to the north and the South and if this doesn’t fill in I will be radar watching until midnight to get to see one flake blow past my lamp post......bring on Spring warmth
  4. Snow starting to gather in the channel/North Sea expect that to start curving WNW into our region and to intensify as the day goes on
  5. Spot on it is game over for most tonight! Maybe something tomorrow for most then the drip drip leading into spring and tbh I can’t wait now
  6. I have but also looked at the other high res models like the Arpege and as a whole the precipitation is shown to be a lot lighter than recently.
  7. Precipitation is now definitely moving NW so SWern parts the most likely to see any of the snow crossing the channel and even then its not looking hopeful but to be fair we did ok in the end i guess. Looks like tomorrows snow has also been downgraded for those north of the Thames before a gradual increase in temps
  8. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be very frustrating for most in this regionn but Friday may give more snowfall to most of the region, how much is unknown but there are some suggestions the front may stall over the northern part of the region before dying out.
  9. Have to agree, its been cold but to me not exceptionally. Snow has not really been an issue here at all and the only possible decent snow has been downgraded and if it does fall will not last long before the warmer air moves in! However for some in the SE of our region it has/will be a great event
  10. Very cold (when the wind blows which isn’t often) but mainly dry for this neck of the woods and now the potential snow Thursday/Friday seems to be downgraded for this area so tbh looking like a non event in terms of snow here but i cant complain because had a fair bit early December and glad that finally our more south eastern areas have seen some decent snow! So for now I’m looking for warmer spring weather before we do all this again next year
  11. What amazes me is how long it took for the high pressure to get up to Scandinavia but then seemingly shoots straight across Greenland to eastern Canada in a matter of 2 or 3 days! It’s almost like right the U.K. has had their 5 days of cold and snow (for some) now it’s time to move on quite unbelievable really!
  12. Now that is the most interesting chart for this area so far. It will be interesting if the GFS shows the same disruption. Only about 30 mins before we find out
  13. @Captain Shortwave will that middle streamer effect any of those further north of the region like herts/beds/bucks?
  14. Well that’s well off already, my sister in Spalding already has 5cm and that was before a nice shower just went through. Just shows how unpredictable this all is.
  15. There is definitely signs of thicker cloud closing down on Norfolk off the North Sea moving WSW that looks associated with the main area of low pressure that is due to hit Northern England and Scotland maybe this will cause more instability and give some a surprise covering. https://en.sat24.com/en/nl/infraPolair
  16. Really? Looking at the forecasts it shows showers dying back to the coast after dark, maybe due to the sun not aiding the beefing up of showers?
  17. Well looking at the all the forecasts its not looking good for those in NW London at all until the possible snow of Friday which will be right at the end of this cold spell. It seems we are stuck between all the areas where snow showers are to set up today and tomorrow and then the SE wind dries the whole region out due to the short sea track. It really does go to show that 1991 and 1987 must have had something really special going on to cover 90% of our area in deep snow!
  18. Good luck to all those in the ne and se of our area it has been a long time coming! I feel my area will have to wait until the possible event on Friday before seeing any decent snow but you never know and we did well early December so won’t be grumbling! Good luck and get pasted! Of and don’t forget to post pictures
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