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  1. Wouldn’t get too excited it will be moving n/ne we need development around the London area for something decent
  2. I have to say although I’m probably not going to see any storms today I did think some storms would have developed else where by now?
  3. Oh look the showers and storms forecast for Thursday are going to miss Kent according to the latest met video forecast even though a warning is out lol quel surprise
  4. I’m fishing in Broxbourne on Thursday so a good storm would be great
  5. Are we really still chasing cold and snow into April with little or no chance of it happening? Come on peeps give it up! I love cold and snow but let’s just let it go until autumn cos it ain’t gonna happen lol
  6. Fantastic! I’m a snow lover but sitting in the garden right now with the warm sun beating on my face....perfect for spring, may the cold runs show and verify next winter
  7. @Steve Murr what’s the chance of snow for this region tomorrow as highlighted in the mod thread do you think?
  8. They have removed the amber zone from the Southeast.
  9. I wouldn’t worry about Herts end it’s more driving to Kent that may be tricky. Good luck with the move
  10. In the green shading now but apart from a few flakes mainly ice pellets and not heavy at that yet yesterday we were in the dark blue shading and it was coming down thick and fast.....you couldn’t make it up I find this obsession hilarious
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