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  1. To be fair Kent have missed most the action the last few years so they deserve it! Much better chances else where thursday night going into Friday and also Satuday. I have also heard there is a possibility Sunday may show some interest that needs watching.
  2. To be fair at the moment it seems like more of an area of heavy rain with imbeded storms than actual storms movin north.
  3. That will do me....perfect fishing weather 😊
  4. Para about to go from scandi high to greenland hight in the final stages of the run 😱
  5. Building blocks beginning earlier on, on this run.....probably lead no where but you just never know.
  6. A bit more amplification and that low just south of greenland could slide?
  7. Too far ne though....couldnt make it up and that would just be our luck 🙄🤣
  8. @bluearmy are you still hoping a final downwelling will increase the chances of another cold snap/spell?
  9. Wow talk about a quick vortex recovery even after the battering its had over the last couple of months.....i take my hat off to you sir 👍
  10. They are back tracking slowly so no one notices 🤣🤣
  11. Not with those iberian heights unfortunately 😕
  12. So much for the bullish cold updates, just shows how quick things can change. Roll on string now 👍
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