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  1. Watching the Radar and seeing this front pivot over South Wales and parts of the south west is amazing, just shows you how in the right setup you can get hours upon hours of continuous snowfall. Can anybody remember an event which pivoted over us like that?
  2. Can somebody advise me as to why BBC and Metoffice forecasts for ppn between Tuesday and Thursday are a million miles apart? BBC has heavy snow symbols from Tuesday evening right through to Thursday afternoon yet Met have just a couple of light snow symbols on Tuesday and dry throughout the rest of the week?
  3. Yeah I was there today, I stand in 110 or asbo corner as my mates call it.
  4. I can’t even bring myself to go in there anymore. Being an amateur, I like to look at the charts myself and then pop into Mod thread to see what the ‘experts’ interpretations are. But recently I see a chart showing a few cms of snow here and all I am being told in the mod thread is that it’s a downgrade and no snow showing. All very Imby rather than commenting on the whole picture.
  5. I don’t remember that event, although I do remember 1st December 2010. City were at home to Red Bull Salzburg. My then 4 year old sons first night game. A couple of inches fell that afternoon and We had to leave after 25 mins as we were both so cold. He still remembers to this day.
  6. Light snow falling through the fog here. Never seen that before.
  7. What does everybody think to our chances of snow towards the end of next week?
  8. Can anybody enlighten me as to why the showers seem to be making it over the Pennines easier during the first couple of hours of darkness and then struggling during the day time? I thought you would get more convection during daylight hours. Or is it just coincidence?
  9. I got hit by the tiny dot on the radar around 6.15 and within 30 mins we had a good 3-5cms covering all surfaces including major roads and the m67. Hopefully some of those blobs coming over the Pennines will make it here and we are in with a chance of 10cm.
  10. People will be talking about the Feb 2035 sausage for years to come
  11. Looks like another blob building behind the sausage. It seems those who hit the jackpot with blob 1.0 and the sausage may be in for a night of relentless blobs and sausages. Fingers crossed!
  12. Looks to me like this will be the route of the sausage. With me being on the east of Manchester I could just get lucky. Oldham looks in the sweet spot to me.
  13. Thank you, interesting to see what this blob of ppn around that area can do to the front as it moves in. (Most likely nothing but interesting none the less)
  14. Hehe, I hoped nobody would notice before I edited. Just spotted those showers sat motionless just off the coast of Newcastle/Middlesbrough, is that the point where the leading edge of this front is going to stall?
  15. Looks like we will get a dusting from the front as it passes through, one or 2 places may get lucky with a streamer afterwards.
  16. Organised band of Ppn out in the North Sea. Hopefully some will make it over the Pennines.
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