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  1. Well... if you're spending Christmas in eastern Latvia, as I am, you'd have this outside your window. Currently -5.5c here in Berzpils. 2 Christmasses in a row plus Easter both giving me a few inches to play with - currently a foot of snow in places. Although, not good for balls, or snowmen, as the snow is very dry. Here until 1st Jan... expecting 2 more periods of snow at least before then. I do feel that before the weekend we will have something to cheer about with charts showing us some promise for parts of the UK. So long as there is no disruption between 17th and 21st Jan as coming back here for a 50th birthday. Although as we know SSW's do not guarantee snow or cold, I remain hopeful of it. Few models showing cold filtering south across eastern Europe towards Greece/Turkey from 2nd/3rd/4th... but little promise that heights can build to the north as of yet. Enjoy your Christmas day one and all. Off to peel and score my sprouts as I am giving my hosts a traditional British Christmas dinner!
  2. Blake Allen

    Hello from... Latvia!

    Good morning all! Still cant get into my old account but here are some photos of the past 3 or 4 days here in Latvia. Some from Riga and the rest from rural Latvia in Berzpils (25-30km from Russian border). Will be here until 1st and flying back in the evening. Currently snowing lightly although not on radar but a good 6 to 10 inches... perhaps more in places. Expecting a little more snow over the next couple of days and temperature may get above 0c so may see a little snow melting but currently -3.5c. May add some more photos in the coming days. Have a very merry Christmas one and all! Blake
  3. Can't access my old account - have emailed about it. So "first" post from this account. As we all know, the likelihood of anything verifying 6/7+ days out is unlikely but so long as come Thursday/Friday the cold making its way towards us hasn't disappeared off the charts then we may have a little hope in seeing some snow in places... or a frost at least. I have been keeping an eye more so on this week as I am off to Latvia in a couple of days - Riga Thurs-Sat then Berzpils (not far from Russian border) for the remainder - and back on 2nd Jan. Wanted to make sure no snow would impact on my travel there. Thankfully snow has fallen where I'll be going and should remain below 0 so I can enjoy it. I do believe based on today's charts that we will see temps below the average for Christmas here and I hope for all of you staying put for Christmas that you see some snow. My other half and I have exchanged some Christmas gifts we won't be taking with us... she's only gone and bought me a weather station! Currently showing Thunderstorms forecast... I hope she kept the receipt.