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  1. I'll be pumping out all sorts in excitement if this does make it to me.
  2. Camera batteries on charge, phone on charge, action cam on charge. Although as per usual, it approaches Hastings and dies out and peps up again toward Kent/inland. I'll be down Bottle Alley west of the pier if it does kick off here.
  3. Can hear non-stop thunder with strikes 30km away here in Hastings. If this reaches us it could be epic. Formed over land not sea, usually dies out near us when over sea. Camera at the ready, will pop out shortly to Bottle Alley.
  4. Blitzortung for me. Shows rates, hits per 10km for example, colours to help identify which way it is heading etc. Free app, no ads, covers all of Europe.
  5. Nothing much exciting from where I was. It died down as it usually does when it approaches Hastings but seems to have picked up again over the far Kent corner. Very pink flashes, mostly IC, no forks or anything, very much sheet. Perhaps something may pop up later. The rain however, that was something at times.
  6. Going back frame by frame on lightning radar, it seems Hastings might, just MIGHT be a good place to be. Bag packed, ready to pop over to Bottle Alley with the gear.
  7. Lived there at the time - I remember getting on a bus in Winton, everything looked fine, nice weather, until the bus started heading down into Lansdowne after Asda/Station, you could see the dark cloud in the distance. As the bus approached the Royal Bath hotel, hundreds of people were fleeing the beach, all sorts were blowing around - food packaging, carrier bags, inflatables - and I dinged the bell and got off by the Imax, and as my foot hit the floor getting off the bus, BOOOM, i felt the static, there was panic, hundreds were now thousands - when you see photos in the paper of Brighton beach "packed" when the angle of the camera deceives, Bournemouth beach is another level, when it is packed by the pier, it is packed, well maybe less so now - then the rain started to fall. I made it under the flyover just in time for shelter but boy did the heavens open. Within 7 or 8 minutes, drain covers popped open, 5 minutes later the river through the gardens was level with the grass, 10 minutes later it was knee height. I had never seen anything like it. I had loads of photos on one of those storage sites but I have no idea which account or details from 15 or so years ago. Was it really that long ago? Anyway, back to the output, looks promising for Hastings, I have charged all 4 batteries, my portable charger - for those photographers who have USB cable battery chargers, these portable phone chargers can charge your camera batteries - worth getting a 20000mah minimum portable charger to charge your camera batteries on the go. If you need any assistance with this, do message me! Tripod for camera Tripod for action cam Tripod for phone All ready to go All eyes on the radars later I am hoping I do not need to chase the storm and it will be delivered to my door, contactless.
  8. I'll be down at Bottle Alley with the cameras at some point. A good 500 metre sheltered under promenade west of Hastings Pier, ideal for filming and a view right across to Eastbourne. Often it mellows out as it gets near us but we'll see. Message me if you plan to be down there at some point over the period we expect thunderstorms!
  9. Afternoon all! Few models toying with possible colder air, but confidence low. Perhaps come the weekend we may have a clearer picture and who knows, someone may get lucky. Meanwhile... Currently in Riga, helping the Brother in law following their recent move to a bigger place - has been -7/-8 over a few nights but nearer 0c. Light dusting and flurries now and again but overnight where I have been since before Christmas in the east of the country we have had 8 to 10 inches of snow fall. Light snow around 3am but heavier between 6 and late morning. Screenshots from our CCTV below. We have had laying snow from around 18th Dec to mid Feb, temps up to 10c, then down to minus 15, snow coverage on and off and suddenly this. It seems moisture is building as air moves across the country and we hit the sweet spot. This link is live from about 30km away. Live Stream Webcam of the Weather in Rezekne from Hotel Latgale BALTICLIVECAM.COM Travelling to Latvia? See the weather forecast in Rezekne with the HD live stream webcam from the Hotel Latgale. See this and other Webcams in Latvia. Due to head back tomorrow morning - we had 7 lambs born 2 weeks ago from 2 of our flock that fell pregnant in the Autumn so need all hands on deck to help. Plus clearing snow off all branches, roof tops etc to keep buildings warmer inside. And more snow forecast for the weekend. Will be looking to head back to Blighty around mid-April. Missing the sound of seagulls... never thought I'd say that.
  10. Even Hastings has snow falling. I am out of the country for the foreseeable but keeping an eye on it still, to see what I am missing out on although I am 1000 miles east experiencing minus 10 max daytime to minus 22 min night at the moment, snow on the ground for 51 days now, only 5 days have been above 0 here, and that was only 2c for a couple of days under overcast skies so not much melted. But max depth has been around 15-18cm. Anyway Hastings live webcam. If it snowing here then it means somewhere not too far away is doing very well such as Kent. Fizzles out by the time it gets to Hastings usually. I heard 2009 or 2010 was good... Jan or Feb. Hastings coastal webcam - Beaming WWW.BEAMING.CO.UK The Hastings coastal webcam takes in Hastings Pier, Hastings Old Town , Hastings Beach and the English Channel. Brought to you by Beaming, the business ISP.
  11. If it falls at a heavy rate from the start the ground will cool plus when the sun goes down around 4.30/5 would have more chance.
  12. I think there will be heavier bursts for a couple of hours max but may just give a cm or 2 covering, won't be half as heavy as those over Kent.
  13. Seems to be settling on Hastings Beach. Can see flakes falling from lampposts. More precip building heading that way. Hastings coastal webcam - Beaming WWW.BEAMING.CO.UK The Hastings coastal webcam takes in Hastings Pier, Hastings Old Town , Hastings Beach and the English Channel. Brought to you by Beaming, the business ISP.
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