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  1. Off to Faro/Albufeira 5th-10th March... would be annoying if it snowed here then. Thankfully off to Greece (Santorini) early May so should hope no cold pool extending that far south then. Between Portugal and Greece I'll be in Latvia for Easter... 3 weeks later than last Easter when we had snowfall there... not impossible but I am hoping for one more cold shot somewhere!
  2. Finally... on the seafront in Hastings. A good 5/10 rate... ground will start to cool and may settle if it continues for a couple of hours. https://www.beaming.co.uk/hastings-coastal-webcam/ If it shows black just wait for it to pan around/in/out
  3. Rain last night on Hastings seafront with snow in Eastbourne and even 100 metres up in Hastings. Same today it seem. Moderate rain now.
  4. To me, on the radar if you freeze the frame where there is that precipitation, it would seem like a streamer, it is actually just the same feature still moving around. None of it is heading west but budging north and pivoting still. Streamer of the sort you mention would show precipitation directly heading west. Given the current wind direction around the Thames, if it were a streamer and heading anywhere it would be towards areas below Berkshire. Down into parts of Middlesex, Surrey, North Hants perhaps.
  5. Stopped on the seafront in Hastings/St Leonards now. Will be all for tonight here. So much for 9pm til 4am! Half a centimetre on the wall... that's about it. Wasn't to be tonight but enjoy it whoever has a good amount!
  6. Ok turning to snow now and blowing a gale on Hastings seafront. Maybe too late as it will pass in an hour or so it seems and stall inland. Cant see this amounting to much here now. 2cm tops maybe.
  7. Went outside. Not a flake. Radar suggests otherwise that it should be snowing enough to notice! Someone reporting almost blizzard like conditions in Brighton on UKsnowmap... giving a 7/10... whaaaaaaat.
  8. You are in Hastings... right? Down on seafront... snow that even if it settled and continued for an hour wouldn't look like a frost!
  9. www.fjbhotels.co.uk/liveview View over Poole Harbour from a hotel near Sandbanks. As it zooms in to the "mid-zoom" (you'll see what I mean) you can make out it has started snowing there at sea level. It's coming!
  10. You will be more lucky inland than I on the seafront for sure! Shall find out in an hour or so.
  11. Liam Dutton just mentioned pivoting earlier than expected so more likely to remain further south now.
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