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  1. i would say Guildford/Woking/Basingstoke. Can get to so many places - Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Southampton, Farnborough, London, Gatwick, Farnborough, Reading etc directly. Gatwick area again, so many direct places to get to, including Luton/Bedford, and also Reading.
  2. Was sat on the beach for 90 mins watching some semi impressive lightning about 10-15 miles off the coast. Posted gifs earlier
  3. Died down in Hastings now, maybe more in a few hours. Will nap and set alarm!
  4. I am in a burgundy t-shirt and grey cap on the pebbles more or less oppsite the victoria statue in Warrior Square! If it rains will go under bottle alley!
  5. Yes i believe IC shows up less, but it's in ten mins easily up to 200 flashes here in Hastings yet 1/4 of that at most IC and showing on detectors
  6. 15 to 20 flashes per minute currently off Hastings coast. These right now. Mostly IC but few CG. Odd rumbles. Still few miles off land will prob die out before making landfall and maybe reigniting inland.
  7. If this makes it across the channel I will be surprised. I am on the seafront myself in Hastings. Will shelter under Bottle Alley (furthest end from the pier probably) to watch it roll in if anyone fancies it! Message me. Usually dies out as it approaches Hastings.
  8. Only near Bourges and another 200km south. Wouldn't say France has lit up as such. And those in Biscay, of the coast of Brest and L'Orient, there is activity there, not all maps I use showing the same but all showing something. Being picked up on 4 detectors/maps I use.
  9. I put my alarm on for 3 having seen what was leaving France die out but thought it may be worth checking back. Woke and looked at the radar and was surprised to see some activity 20km off the coast so I shot out of bed and crossed the road to the seafront. Was a decent hour or so under what was about 3 rumbles per minute in Hastings. Some very heavy rain at times. Mostly C-C but a few C-G too. Some pretty close I felt and made me jump! Few gifs. Got about an hour of footage from phone and DSLR. Will look back later maybe. Couple of hours kip before 9am client! 4 photos post-storm on my Twitter @meridianbizhub
  10. I am at bottle alley on hastings seafront with cameras poised. Great flashes as it comes rolling in! I am at warrior square end. Come say hello!
  11. Camera gear ready by the door in case the eastern edge makes it to Hastings. Often gets about 10km off the coast and fizzles out. Thankfully I live more or less on the seafront and we have some sheltered parts on the seafront.
  12. This beast was forming over what would have been north of Eastbourne so Polegate/Hailsham area around 11am. Taken from Hastings. Would be nice to see a storm roll in from the sea as we sometimes do but it fizzes out as it gets within 5k usually. Taking partner to Heathrow from Hastings on Thurs morning 3-5am so perhaps I may witness something along the way.
  13. Few odd spots of rain here on Hastings seafront, currently filming this cloud here for a timelapse as it seems to be changing shape a little and rotating slightly. No lightning here though
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