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  1. Proper snow here now and starting to lay: radar looks as if it won't last though. But nice to see...
  2. Maybe.....it's stopped again as soon as it started! Groan... update: and now it's trying to rain!
  3. We have blue skies emerging from cloud as all passes to the north, or indeed south, of us!
  4. Wind picking up here again now after half an hour of calmer conditions....
  5. Really blowing up here in St Albans....gutter off and trees doing that Caribbean-palm tree thang! :o
  6. Some really good quality research, interpretation and discussion on all things nuclear and beyond can be found on the Union of Concerned Scientists website http://www.ucsusa.org/
  7. Trouble is GW, it is a costly business publishing material to a high standard [i know: our society publishes a peer-reviewed, journal of record]. It would be great to publish for free, but you cannot cover the costs you need that way. BUT, as I've said before, email one of the authors and they will almost always give you a free PDF off-print or link to somewhere where their work is published in precis or for free.
  8. I'm a bit out of date with my links to be able to verify this, but it looks as if we might be in for a little bit of aurora action in the next few days, if we're lucky. http://www.bbc.co.uk...onment-10880852 EDIT: Oops...posted this in the wrong thread...please remove mods.
  9. All good here. Thanks Paul and Karl.
  10. Me too...in fact I'm not even sure whether I'm typing this in the right place...all the graphics have gone and I've just got text. Thought it might be due to updates downloaded today, but have tried Firefox, Chrome and IE and all seem to tbe the same.
  11. And I thought it was to aid with opening coconuts when on foreign expeditions..... You live and learn, eh?
  12. Roo

    Uk Economy

    Right chaps and chapesses, I'd love your imput. With the CPI going up and the RPI going down, where do we go from here? What will happen to interest rates? How will the weak pound effect it all? and what about the printing money quantative easing measures? I have to admit I am flummoxed as to what will happen next....any ideas?
  13. Also people would have lived and worked in almost the same area, so many of the problems of today, of getting to places, would not have been an issue. Even street traffic would not have gone far by today's standards.
  14. Roo

    Uk Economy

    This is really terrible...whatever happened to the greater good? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7853254.stm
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