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  1. Snowing heavy here in Mallusk. There must have been lying snow during the night but rain came and kinda melted it but it’s back to big heavy snow again. The earlier rain has made the ground mushy wet so this snow isn’t lying now .. typical
  2. Not too much thawing even with that sun. Love days like this where the snow lays for the day. Hope it’s still like this tonight when I take the pup out a walk
  3. Ooo you’re literally top of my parents hill (I grew up in those streets) Hi!! 👋
  4. Big covering here in Mallusk and continuing to snow heavy
  5. Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to some snowy days 🥶👌😁
  6. Sleet/snow here in Mallusk. More snow with big heavy flakes but wetter than last night
  7. Snowing away again here in Newtownabbey. Fresh covering on top of the earlier layer 😁
  8. Thank you! I must have accidentally created a new account. I’m useless with this. Managed to change my username 🙈 Ah I hope there is more .. I did notice heavy showers for middle of the night - around 4am but it’s from the standard Apple weather app.
  9. Thank you! My username used to be snowydog (I had a childhood dog called snowy - Samoyed lol - so not directly snow related) ... I don’t know why it’s not showing as that anymore. Don’t know what I’ve done 🙈 Stopped for now but have a nice covering. Hopefully some more to come but I doubt it
  10. Hi all Haven’t been on here in two years. Missed last winter as I was very ill for months and was in hospital ... all better now .. then I couldn’t get into my account but I just figured it out now woo Anyway - reporting nice snow shower here in Mallusk, Newtownabbey. Nice layering very quickly and it’s continuing. Nice surprise. Didn’t think we would get any this Far East. Hope everyone has been keeping well.
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