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  1. Winds are forecast to be ENE this weekend, perfect conditions for a thames streamer if snow showers become organised and come inland
  2. Don't understand the wrist slitting over the ECM, it is cold, the important thing is to get in the cold and then think about the snow The last snowy spell was originally predicted to be a NW/cheshire gap affair, then at 2 days notice a channel low popped up and delivered 2-4" of snow to the south east, things chamge damn quick, important thing is to get the cold in and the ECM does that
  3. Disagree Usually when there is the prospect of snow, even small prospect they will generally put in the updates 'there are possibilities later of something more wintry, but confidence is low' That update today contains absolutely nothing like that
  4. He is being realistic though The Met Office are showing no interest at all in their updates of the eye candy that is being shown in FI in a few model suites
  5. Fantastic charts, if the GFS 6z verifies it could be our snowiest period since 2010. But the Met Office don't seem very excited in their outlook to the 15th, talk of periods of cold with wintry showers possible in the notth, very underwhelming, don't the Met Office use their own model? because UKMO tells very different story to the update Remaining cautious till Met Office on board, but we could be on the brink of a once in a generation period of weather
  6. The weather will do what it wants to do, late March 2013 there was a foot of lying snow across much of the country even with the stronger sun you get that time of year Tomorrow will be the 8th anniversary of a Thames streamer that delivered 14" of snow to the London area Get unexcited all you want but Feb/March is more than capable of delivering deep snow with the right set up
  7. Corbyn is as loopy and out of touch with the real world as his brother If Corbyn and Madden promise blizzards then expect the opposite
  8. Where have they said this? do you have a link? Reading the recent 30 day METO predictions, even as recently as yesterday, gave little comfort to those of us wishing for SSW to transform our winter
  9. Looks to me like SSW or bust now for this winter But massive credit to the UKMO, it really has been the star performer this winter iIt showed no interest in the easterly that ECM were obsessed with and the fact ECM has completely backtracked and gone zonal this evening shows UKMO is the one to take seriously
  10. Think this will be Sidney if the ECM verifies, bone chillingly cold, with the potential for heavy snow showers if we get any instability or troughs
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