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  1. If you compare the track listing of the first NOW albums to the recent ones, the ratio of killer to filler is the opposite. Those early ones had a few forgotten duffers, but mostly massive hits by artists that are often still around now, or at least the songs are still well known - stuff like Queen, Genesis, The Cure, Status Quo, Fleetwood Mac, The Smiths, U2. Even some leftfield/rockier stuff like Souixie and the Banshees or Iron Maiden. The recent ones have a couple of big hits - maybe Coldplay or Ed Sheeren etc, and another 30 songs nobody knows of, never mind forgotten. Somebody you've ne
  2. I'm on the Isle of Man, and we don't often get lying snow for long here - obviously the surrounding sea tends to keep temperatures that bit higher. Even here though, it was cold, with snow lying for much of the month. The mean 24 hour temp was only 2.7°C - the coldest December recorded since Ronaldsway started in 1947. There was ice in some of the inner harbours, despite the salty water.
  3. Just checking my location forecast on the BBC website, and as always, it's still using the descriptor 'Breezy'. The quoted wind speed overnight is 1mph! They've had months to sort out this bug. It really is very poor.
  4. There was lots of mention in the longer range seasonal predictions for a 'front loaded' winter, with blocking and cold more likely than not, and for a while there it was looking like it was happening, but we've just had this change to mild SW'ly's. I like a winter high overhead, with cold frosty nights, and calm bright days. It's a weather type we hardly seem to get these days, even in the 'traditional' slot of late winter/February. We're due some cold though, after the last few winters.
  5. Hello Everyone, I've been browsing the Netweather forums for a couple of years now, but never got round to posting. I'm an airfield weather Observer/Met Technician on the Isle of Man, so I've been watching and recording (SYNOPS and METARs) the weather for yonks. We get some very interesting weather on the Island. With hills, coasts and valleys there's a lot of local effects. The surrounding Irish Sea keeps the temperature from being either very hot or very cold, but we do get plenty of wind
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