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  1. No choice for me - have to walk a mile and a half up the hill to hay the sheep and dig them out of their huts if it is really drifting! That will serve me right for my wishing this on!
  2. No - of course not: it is 10 days out and provides detailed indications of snow depth at a great many points across GB, Ireland and NW Europe - it has as much chance of verifying as you have of winning every Euromillions jackpot between now and then buying one ticket in each draw.
  3. Most accurate run against what? Genuine question.
  4. When I last looked the Gulf Stream was an ocean current - not sure how you are seeing it in that chart - unless the weather expected to give you a downturn in fortune, leading to goodbye personal jet - in which case, commiserations!
  5. Is that when the ensembles are out? Still a little under 10 mins to wait ...
  6. The Sahara has already had snow this month
  7. I say, that's a little harsh on some of the well-reasoned responses to a flurry of Wa***** posts (thanks Wa**** for opening up page 13 of my 'ignored' posters - for those getting exercised by some of the irrelevant stuff on here, hover over the poster profile, click on ignore ... they tend to be serial offenders and reading the thread without them makes for lower blood pressure! Be your own moderator!). Anyway, thanks for the serious/knowledgeable posts from the usual people at this time of intrigue and excitement - the less experienced on here benefit greatly from your posts
  8. I am not sure I will trust your weather predictions given that you fail to predict Easter accurately!!!
  9. My App is also showing that Although since neither South-West nor South-East see snow on that - and barely anything South of the M4 - then I'm not sure there is any chance of snow in the South on that chart!
  10. I am definitely in the camp that appreciates solar/lunar (have to be careful about saying 'extra-terrestrial'!) influences on climate and weather - I am just interested that a couple of times you have made a comment on this thread about strong solar wind and it's upcoming effect on our weather patterns and I wondered what was behind this. Maybe someone has done research looking at arrival of solar wind and co-incident (I am not saying coincidental!) changes in model trends and patterns. If this is 'out-there' it would be useful in interpreting the model outputs. Maybe in the not too distant future we will be considering solar activity (current and far-side/incoming) as teleconnections - and maybe they will be factored into (some of) the models?
  11. Thanks Northernlights - I will take a look. I am aware of sunspot-cycle - climate links, but was really quite interested in shorter-term solar links to terrestrial weather, of the sort that could possibly be incorporated into (or inform interpretation of) the gfs/ecm/ukmo model output that we look at here. Sudden changes in trends/patterns (such as disappearance/downgrades of cold events!) are interesting/frustrating - I have little doubt that non-terrestrial events have an influence (not sure I should call this a 'long-range teleconnection'!) I will watch the video...
  12. I think I missed the detail on this - are you proposing a link between (coronal hole stream) solar wind and terrestrial jet-stream behaviour? If so, could you please post a link to scientific publications that outline this - and ideally research (and especially models) that predict future solar wind streams that are Earth-directed? I find this area really interesting but haven't come across any papers that set this out in a way that is meaningful for weather forecasting. MODS: I think this IS thread-related: it would be great if a link were established and models available that could inform forecasting using the usual models discussed here. (Is it possible that Met O and others have models that incorporate solar activity, but which are not available to the public?)
  13. Thanks for keeping it short and to the point - although you classify yourself as a 'learner', your posts always contain some interesting angles. I appreciate brevity that does not compromise by missing anything of importance out. I look forward to visiting the teleconnections thread.