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  1. I've seen this a few times in the past. Wonderful video from the snow in 2010 in Drogheda,Louth. Not my video.
  2. I actually feel for Joanna Donnelly of Met Eireann during times like these. She got some shocking guff from people over Hurricane Ophelia not living up to the hype in the area in which they lived, yet in other parts of the country it was a very severe event. Now she's talking about the snow potential this week and to be weather ready, and she's right yet people are laughing it off and not taking it seriously. I do despair.
  3. This situation though regarding warnings, a lot of people bashed Met Eireann for issuing a status red warning during Hurricane Ophelia yet people did die during the storm, some could argue the red alert warning stopped further people from dying. There is talk that a red alert could be issued this coming week at some point which will only cause a headache for employers, anytime from now on when there's a status red warning people are just not going to go into work.
  4. The simple stuff is great, older people do appreciate it. Just make sure they have fuel, enough food etc. They just like knowing someone thinks of them.
  5. This https://www.joe.ie/news/weather-warning-snow-617369
  6. I find it sad that people in here are just waiting for bad chart news so they can shout "I told you so..."
  7. I was given cuttings of a verbena bonariensis a few years ago which took off like wildfire during summer 2017, I was wondering should I cut it back to promote growth this year or deadhead last years purple tops? Would anyone advise what to do? Picture of said plant provided.
  8. One word. Thundersnow. I never even knew such a thing existed before 2010.
  9. I can't comment on previous events that are before my time, but I mean you can't top 2010 this time can you? I mean that went on for ages and temps barely went above freezing on most days, what was it like a month almost? I mean which was worse 87 or 2010?
  10. From IWO. OUTLOOK ... The first three or four days of March could see a severe snowstorm developing, as most guidance shows a strong Atlantic low trying to push away the cold air but failing in that, looping around south of Ireland for up to two days before drifting away to the east. That will bring an extended period of snow, strong northeast winds 60 to 100 km/hr, and continued very cold temperatures in the range of -3 to +2 C. There could be brief mixing of sleet or ice pellets into this storm near the Wexford coast but at the moment it does not appear likely to change the snowfall ove
  11. With any snow next week, predicting it will be more of a nowcast situation.. But wonderful chart reading, worth putting in the memory stick.
  12. I'd imagine they still are just waiting to be sure, nobody likes to overhype things but even though I never hype things this cold spell needs to be hyped !!! If I was travelling you'd really have to consider to chances of disruption and getting stuck somewhere. Not a nice experience.
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