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  1. Going by some of these models, autumn has certainly arrived with a vengeance. We could do with blowing some of the cobwebs away.
  2. So, autumn has arrived at last. Great! Today is a day of sunshine and showers, along with a nice fresh (but not cold) autumnal breeze and a temp of 15°c. Far more interesting as well as seasonal.
  3. The first proper rainfall in quite some time. Apart from the odd drop or two here and there, it feels absolutely ages since the last time it has happened. The grass is starting to turn yellow so we could certainly do with the rain.
  4. This September is warmer than the August. Doesn't happen very often.
  5. October that year was warmer than the seasonal average too, particularly during the first half with high teens and 20+ Celsius days recorded in many places (26 Celsius in central London on the 11th). It was also a fairly dry autumn. Just like with this year, autumn took quite a bit of time to get going. But then, the following winter however...
  6. Regarding warm Septembers; the truth is that nobody really knows for certain how the following winter will pan out. Whilst it does seem that there is a bit of a correlation between warm Septembers and mild winters, we all know how unpredictable our climate can be. Winter is still over 2 months away and a lot can happen in that time. Don't give up hope just yet!
  7. There has certainly been an awful lot of blocking patterns this year. I think that if the weather was mixed around a bit more then many of us would be happy. But then, the moans thread wouldn't be as interesting to read would it?
  8. I am looking forward to the change in conditions from Monday onwards. It is after all autumn.
  9. I have a strong feeling that October is going to be a wet one too and possibly the first half of November, seeing as both August and September have been dry. Mother Nature always seems to balance things out eventually. Ie.. the very wet winter of 2019/20 followed by the very dry spring.
  10. I am hoping we'll get some cold frosty sunny days this winter, as opposed to the anticyclonic gloom rubbish.
  11. Because I like all 4 seasons, but at the right time of the year.
  12. As a weather enthusiast (hence my name!) I do get excited at the prospect of snow as it doesn't happen very often in our country nowadays; there is also something magical about watching it gracefully fall from the sky. Whenever we do get settled snow, I must admit that after a couple of days it starts to lose its novelty for me. Snow is beautiful when it is nice and fresh, but later turns into ugly dirty slush. And as you have mentioned, it does come with its inconveniences.
  13. Whilst I very much want some autumnal weather now, I give it this much.. at least it does feel nice and is showing August up for how bad it was. Currently 19 Celsius (a top temp of 20c forecast for my area today), mostly sunny, low humidity and a very slight gentle breeze. These are the kind of weather conditions we should have had more of during the summer.
  14. Can't recall any thunderstorms over here. Though June 2016 rings a bell.
  15. Ah yes, I completely forgot all about that. I believe that was the warmest Halloween on record.
  16. For me, this September is very reminiscent of September 2014. That too was very benign and high pressure dominated; and just as is the case with this year, autumn that year felt as if it was taking forever to get started with no end of the extended summer in sight. Though I do remember that once October came round, it finally started to cool down back to normal for the time of year.
  17. I can see October being quite a contrast to this month and last, as Mother Nature always seems to balance things out eventually. For this reason, I'd like to go for 9.1°c and 160ml please.
  18. I remember how excited I was when we first got our boiler in late 2010. I never once lived in a home with central heating before that, so how do you think I felt?
  19. Whilst (as previously mentioned) I would like the weather to start turning into something more autumnal, I am interested in the rainfall and temperature stats once this month ends. With the exception of around the 14th, it has been a very dry month for many of us and has also been a warm one, not just in terms of daytime temps but night time temps also. I believe September is so far warmer than August this year. Doesn't happen very often.
  20. From a meterological point of view, September is certainly a very uninteresting month (bar the few hot days earlier in the month). This year in particular, it seems that whenever we are forecast anything different it gets pushed back. As for cold foggy nights and mornings, I still yet to have those. Though in all fairness, we had our first single digit night-time temp last night, so at least it is gradually getting there! I hope by the time October arrives, we get weather far more akin to the time of year... autumnal. I feel the same way in spring, but in reverse.
  21. Before my time, but I believe 1978 had a dry and somewhat warm September and that was followed by a cold winter.
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