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  1. All this rain is getting boring and depressing now. It's been mostly like this since late September, with cool and sunny days very few and far between. Hopefully, that will change soon.
  2. Autumn is definitely here now. Current temp at 19:17 hundred hours: 14 Celsius Highest temp: 18 Celsius Lowest temp: 13 Celsius Humidity: 100% Cloud cover: 91% (7 oktas) Pressure: 1006 mb Dew point: 14 Celsius Visibility: 2 km Wind speed: 22 km/h SE
  3. A lot warmer than it has been these past few early mornings. Conditions at 00:42 hours Current temp: 15 Celsius Humidity: 76% Sky conditions: mostly cloudy (6 oktas) Pressure: 1006 mb Dew point: 11 Celsius Visibility: 16 km Wind speed: 7 km/h
  4. I was beginning to think I was alone on feeling this way.
  5. It depends on whether you want to go by the meteorological version or the astronomical version, with the equinox taking place on Monday. But either way, I am really looking forward to some proper autumnal weather. I like summery weather but I feel as if something more autumnal is way overdue by now.
  6. A high of 25 Celsius is forecast for my area today. Quite remarkable for the last third of September.
  7. Supposed to be on the verge of autumn, yet it feels as if we are in the middle of summer again.
  8. Whilst I normally love warm sunny weather, I do think it feels a little weird this late in September. Especially when you look at how warm it is forecast to be tomorrow which is much more of what you'd expect during mid summer. Fortunately, after tomorrow autumn is going to finally begin getting underway.
  9. This upcoming heatwave is going to feel a little weird to me (especially since we're approaching September), because even though August is still summer I have actually gotten used to it being more of an autumnal month. Just goes to show how bad most of the Augusts have been since 2003.
  10. Whilst I do enjoy autumnal weather, I have pretty much given up on expecting a decent August now as they are so very few and far between. The only decent August I can think of since 2003 is 2016. Other than that they have either been poor or meh. I think the only time in recent memory that August has been the best summer month of the year was that of 2012, which of course isn't saying much.
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