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  1. This upcoming heatwave is going to feel a little weird to me (especially since we're approaching September), because even though August is still summer I have actually gotten used to it being more of an autumnal month. Just goes to show how bad most of the Augusts have been since 2003.
  2. Whilst I do enjoy autumnal weather, I have pretty much given up on expecting a decent August now as they are so very few and far between. The only decent August I can think of since 2003 is 2016. Other than that they have either been poor or meh. I think the only time in recent memory that August has been the best summer month of the year was that of 2012, which of course isn't saying much.
  3. I think that even June 2012 was better than this June so far. At least back then we did have that supercell thunderstorm at the end of the month.
  4. I must say, this is one of the worst Junes (if not the worst) that I can remember in the 27 years of my life. Not only have we had numerous wet days, but it has been cool most of the time so far. Over here in Brum at least, we have had no particularly warm days so far this month and the forecast for the rest of the month doesn't have anything particularly warm on the cards either... 20 Celsius max. Hopefully I am wrong, but I have a feeling we won't be seeing any particularly warm days until mid July.
  5. But complaining about the weather is a very British thing to do. And the majority of us on here are indeed British.
  6. Best months: January - 2010: A month that actually felt like winter. February - 2018: The Beast from the East was quite an interesting event as something like that very rarely happens in the UK. March - 2012: Warm, dry and sunny which was lovely. Though we did pay for it over the next few months of that year. April - 2011: Warm, dry and sunny with plenty of days with above average temps. May - 2018: Warm, dry and sunny throughout. I managed spend a lot of time in the garden. June - 2018: The continuation of warm, dry and sunny weather. And the heatwave we had towards the end of the month. July - 2018: A really good summer month. August - 2016: Lots of southerlies and around average and above average temps. The only decent August I can think of since 2003. September - 2015: A bit of everything. Sometimes it was summery and other times it was autumnal. Warm and dry at the end with cold nights. October - 2011: The Indian Summer we had at the beginning was nice. November - 2016: Plenty of cold and sunny days with frosty nights. December - 2010: A brilliant month for us weather enthusiasts. Worst months: January - 2017: With so many anticyclonic glooms, I think it turned out to be a pretty boring month. February - 2014: Not much happened. Pretty boring. March - 2018: Whilst the Beast from the East was interesting at first, I would have liked to actually see some more spring like weather that month. April - 2012: Cold, wet and miserable throughout. May - 2019: First half had below average temperatures. Whilst the second half was warmer and a little above average at times, it was nothing noteworthy. June - 2012: For the same reason as April 2012. July - 2012: For the same reason as the April and June of that year. Although we did have a hot spell towards the end. August - 2006: It felt pretty dismal compared to the previous couple of months of that year. August generally is dismal, so this was a hard one to decide. September - 2017: It wasn't a bad month, but compared to other Septembers in the decade, this was quite bland with nothing noteworthy. October - 2013: A dull month. November - 2018: Nothing really noteworthy weather wise. December - 2015: The month felt much more like October. In fact, Christmas day over here was warmer that it has been over the last few days... in June. Best seasons: Spring - 2017: Mostly warm, dry and sunny with a few cold frosty nights scattered in-between. Summer - 2018: A really good summer. Plenty of hot and sunny days with low humidity. Autumn - 2015: Calm sunny months with some cold frosty nights. Winter - 2010/2011: An exceptionally cold month. Quite interesting weather wise. Worst seasons: Spring - 2012: March was nice as was the last week of May, but the majority of the season was cool, wet and miserable. Summer - 2007: I would have gone for 2012, but at least we did have a hot spell in late July. I can not recall any particularly hot spells during the summer of 2007. Autumn - 2014: Wet and overall boring. Winter - 2015/2016: For the same reason as Autumn 2014.
  7. Current temp: 10c Humidity: 90% Wind direction: North at 30 km/h Pressure: 1014 mb, steady Cloud cover: 8 oktas Visibility: 8 km Currently pouring down with rain.
  8. It happens EVERY single time. Whenever we have an unusually warm spell early in the year (in this case it would be late Feb) we always seem to pay for it once June arrives. Whilst a warm spell early in the year is nice at the time, it does generally seem to be a bad sign weather wise. I also have a feeling that this year's June is going to turn out to be as bad as June 2012. Certainly looking that way so far.
  9. I guess we can all expect a mild winter then. Most of the time the weather turns out to be the exact opposite of what the newspapers are suggesting.
  10. A max temp of 22 Celsius, 24% humidity and wall to wall sunshine. Is it really almost October? Weather is saying otherwise.
  11. Very warm for late September. 21 Celsius and not a cloud in the sky.
  12. Rather cool for September. Feels more like late October. Only 10 celsius at nearly 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Humidity at 87% Visibility at 16km 8 oktas of cloud cover And an air pressure of 1017 mb.
  13. I voted for mostly good. June and July were great but August was around average. To come to think of it, I think August 2016 is the only particularly good August we have had since 2003.
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