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  1. Roll on the cold and crisp sunny days, which hopefully aren't too far away.
  2. Apart from at the beginning, this is shaping up to be a pretty bland month. Temperatures have been around the same throughout, no particularly noticeable cold nights and a lack of stormy weather. It is forecast to get interesting later on today, but the month as a whole has been fairly boring if you are a weather enthusiast. Still, I have high hopes for winter 2020/21.
  3. I was expecting some heavy downpours today, but instead the rain was relatively light. At least in my neck of the woods anyway.
  4. I really do hope so. Most likely though, the models will change and we will end up getting boring high pressure instead. Still, we shall have to wait and see! 😁
  5. Weather conditions at 16:26 Dry and calm. Anticyclonic gloom conditions which is always a little boring. Current temp: 11° Humidity: 76% UV Index: 0 Dew Point: 7° SSW wind at 5.8 mph Air pressure: 1022 mb
  6. Nothing really going on at the moment - been fairly boring over the last couple of days.
  7. A decent enough October so far; fairly changeable which is what I like as it keeps things interesting. I enjoy the gradual decrease in temperature as we approach winter and am really looking forward to the first proper cold spell of the season. Fairly mild at the moment, but as autumn progresses those mild temperatures will slip away into single figures.
  8. Autumn is well and truly underway now, which I am happy about seeing as it is my favourite season. I just hope that if we do get prolonged high pressure at any time, it won't keep ending up being that anticyclonic gloom rubbish. Some cool, crisp and frosty sunny days would be wonderful during autumn and winter.
  9. I have had the heating on during the middle of summer before. I can recall having it on at some point during the summer of 2012. Very rare I have it on during the summer though.
  10. We have certainly gone from one extreme to the other. From above average temperatures to below average temperatures and hardly any (if at all) average temperatures. It was the same concept during the summer - it was either cool for the time of year or it was blazing hot; no in-between.
  11. Whilst I have enjoyed the summer, I am quite frankly getting bored of warm weather now and feel that it's now time for something more active and akin to autumn. I don't want unseasonably warm weather during October just like I don't want unseasonably cold weather during April. I do feel that it's time to say goodbye to warm weather now until next spring.
  12. Weather conditions at 06:10am Dry, calm and mild start to the day Current temp: 11° Humidity: 100% UV Index: 0 Dew Point: 11° S wind at 3.5 mph Air pressure: 1011 mb
  13. Weather conditions at 18:39 Pleasantly warm, sunny and calm Current temp: 22° Humidity: 60% UV Index: 0 Dew Point: 14° SW wind at 5.8 mph Air pressure: 1015 mb
  14. Weather conditions at 03:22 Dry, clear and calm. Current temp: 10° Humidity: 93% UV Index: 0 Dew Point: 9° NNW wind at 3.5 mph Air pressure: 1020 mb
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