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  1. Storm just passed through/ convective looking cloud about. Edit: Big flash across the sky with loud thunder
  2. Thunder heard from the stoke cell
  3. Finally !! Some flashes in the distance here with odd rumble
  4. About 5 miles away from them storms south of stoke , can hear almost constant thunder from them
  5. The storm that passed produced about 3 lightning strikes and that was it I suppose 1 storm is better than no storm though. I think that one storm is what I'll get all year
  6. It won't suprise me if we have some sort of block for storms
  7. Might not get one this year at this rate!
  8. The very southern part of the thunderstorm's appear to be weakening as soon as they get close to me
  9. Was thinking about all the splodges of rain about in that area
  10. Stuff kicking off in the Midlands?