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  1. I imagine the MOD thread will spend a few pages discussing a 50 mile shift lol
  2. Hopefully never, Stoke can get there's for once ?
  3. Seems to be a fair few behind aswell... Lol knowing our luck the wind will change?
  4. getting flashbacks... hopefully we all get suprised
  5. that's the positivity I need. lol hopefully it gets life from somewhere and we all get snowed in?
  6. I think wind has changed again so we will miss it!
  7. Are dry flakes smaller? Really small flakes over Stoke which take a while to melt on my arm?
  8. pleasant surprise for sure! hopefully theres more to come?
  9. Icon 18z does keep the strength of the band for longer, Stoke does have a chance or some but I wouldn't expect much more than a few cm but again there's so many variables so it's going to be a nowcast situation. In your Defence the showers do seem to die right before they get to Stoke... must be the chavs veering it the otherway? ( I live in tunstall lol)
  10. do you have depression or something or is it reverse phycology? I'm sure they will get here expect a dusting ?
  11. shower's are beefing up a bit and are joining together now
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