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  1. look on the radar. It's still coming .
  2. Snowing in stoke but flakes are tiny so it's just wetting the ground
  3. If you could describe my life in 1 GFS chart ...
  4. Looks way North on radar. Pretty big differences at such a short range?
  5. very windy here after that shower passed. I keep on hearing these cracking sounds ..
  6. Literally just started snowing in stoke.
  7. Was sleet here. Just rain now .
  8. Sad times for us! There's still time for a miracle to happen yet though.
  9. Quite light now though. It's sleety rain now
  10. I didn't expect to wake up with a layer of sheet ice and snow everywhere
  11. Was rain for a while first. Then it slowly started turning to sleet. Then BOOM snow . Covered the place in minutes. Huge flakes aswell .
  12. Might be a bit sleety then( maybe wet snow) with the slightly higher Temps+ Dew points . Let's hope not though! I imagine the temps will cool in the showers anyways which should help.
  13. I remember when south Wales got a red snow warning for something like 30-40 cm of snow. If it comes down heavy enough you might just manage for some snow (now that I've said that it will probs be rain) What were the temps and Dp for the snow earlier?