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  1. Weatherman662

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    one of @MattStokes blizzards have arrived
  2. Weatherman662

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    shower's are beefing up a bit and are joining together now
  3. meanwhile 10 miles north there's no wind and no snow! Looks like fog outside currently
  4. slightly heavier bulk is coming here so maybe .
  5. bulk of precipitation heading NW ish is making its way over stoke for a change
  6. Just starting in Stoke. you can see little dots if u look at a lamppost, precipitation finally reached here Temperature is -1c
  7. look on the radar. It's still coming .
  8. Snowing in stoke but flakes are tiny so it's just wetting the ground
  9. If you could describe my life in 1 GFS chart ...
  10. Weatherman662

    Model output discussion - mid January

    Looks way North on radar. Pretty big differences at such a short range?
  11. very windy here after that shower passed. I keep on hearing these cracking sounds ..
  12. Literally just started snowing in stoke.
  13. Was sleet here. Just rain now .
  14. Sad times for us! There's still time for a miracle to happen yet though.