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  1. I am still staying on the side of caution. Charts still a long way out, cold may be on the way in, but -17. Really? EDIT: I take it back, just checked my local Netweather forecast....
  2. Well, down here in SW London it was cold slushy, constantly switching between rain and snow, however it was nice to see the gritters out for the first time in many years yesterday evening.
  3. Un-named Atlantic lows 2017

    My local metoffice forecast has been updating (or downgrading on how you see wind) constantly over the past few days.
  4. Hurricane Ophelia

    An area of rain showery type things approaching London, almost looks like those dust storms you see in desert countries. Also fairly breezy.
  5. Hurricane Ophelia

    It is really dusty here in London, sky is a weird colour. Must be that Saharan sand stuff
  6. Hurricane Ophelia

    In fact, I think this tweet sums it up... https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=news&q=hurricane&src=typd
  7. Hurricane Ophelia

    Not even a two minutes of coverage on the 10 O'clock news... and not even a mention of Wales. Wow. Just Wow. Some serious questions will have to be answered at the end of this...
  8. Hurricane Ophelia

    What astounds me is that England never learns, they are shambolic at preparation, just look at the 80's Nuclear Information Flims... I mean leaning tables to the wall and plopping cushions all over it....
  9. Hurricane Ophelia

    This is what annoys me, why isn't the national hurricane centre working with european weather organisation. Compared to early warning in the US, where they literally have days to prepare, what we have seen is utterly appalling.
  10. Hurricane Ophelia

    Just don't take the risk. We have all seen how conservative that MetOffice have been with their forecasts, when we know that something very very serious is on it's way. School open or not, stay indoors.
  11. There was a huge mess of the food bin this morning... although I suspect is was the foxes...
  12. As usual the Metoffice forecasts have an extra sprinkling of conservatism..
  13. European Storm & Convective Discussion

    seems the main event passed south, thank goodness.
  14. European Storm & Convective Discussion

    almost seems like some of the lightning detectors have conked out because of this.
  15. European Storm & Convective Discussion

    Not long until the main event arrives. If I was in the UK right now, that little storm would have been the most, looks like this may become the worst storm I will have experienced, unwetter (severe weather warning) is out from the DWD.