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  1. Interestingly enough I can hear some growling in the sky despite there being nothing on the radar!
  2. Don't post here often but I have to agree, this spring has been like a better 2018 (which was rather good) so far, watching the models with great anticipation.....
  3. More Strikes showing behind the next storm. It's going to be a long night...
  4. First time I have ever had to do this at home, unplugging PC. Seriously concerned about this storm.
  5. Since I have been sort of interested in weather, I have experienced a few of those flash bang nights then back to normal the next day. This one feels different.
  6. The heavy rain last night was quite impressive. A few flashes and rumbles as well in the distance.
  7. With a bit of Shostakovich on the side, just fantastic. Without a doubt better than the offering from the first 'beast', even if that lasted longer. Snow starting to return to the roads.
  8. It seems my area is right in the firing line for some of the more potent showers.
  9. A good 3-5cm's accounting for drifting snow here in Teddington. Never had this much this late in the season.
  10. Drip drip drip started yesterday evening. I do find the sound satisfying, almost like winter moving out of the way for spring. Weather predicting low teens next week, I can dream!
  11. This cold spell has reaffirmed my thoughts. Sounds great at first, snow everywhere, chaos. Until you have to go outside. Especially towards the end where it goes slushy. I am now on the lookout for some warmer temps. Not crazy mid 20's stuff but a good firm 12-17 degrees with single digit lows for sleeping.
  12. If only it could go on like this through the night! Bye bye cold, hello coldish/mildish weather.
  13. Absolutely, a few days is nice, a bit of chaos and disruption, but it is nice just being able to do the usual routine again.
  14. I think this cold spell will be remembered in the South East not for its snow amounts, but simply for its quirkiness.
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