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  1. There was a huge mess of the food bin this morning... although I suspect is was the foxes...
  2. As usual the Metoffice forecasts have an extra sprinkling of conservatism..
  3. European Storm & Convective Discussion

    seems the main event passed south, thank goodness.
  4. European Storm & Convective Discussion

    almost seems like some of the lightning detectors have conked out because of this.
  5. European Storm & Convective Discussion

    Not long until the main event arrives. If I was in the UK right now, that little storm would have been the most, looks like this may become the worst storm I will have experienced, unwetter (severe weather warning) is out from the DWD.
  6. European Storm & Convective Discussion

    Can't believe it hasn't been called off yet, a very dangerous storm approaching.
  7. European Storm & Convective Discussion

    Can't belive this is only the beginning, had some very close strkes so far. Grandparents passing it off as normal. They may be in for a nasty surprise later this evening...
  8. European Storm & Convective Discussion

    Already very frequent lightning, looks like the football may get called off soon once it intensifies. Strikes are very close now, seems like Munich is a storm magnet in the summer.
  9. European Storm & Convective Discussion

    which is where I am at the moment but... it does look very dangerous, cells going up everywhere
  10. This is too exciting... just had a huge bang of thunder
  11. I can just sense a constant but very very quiet growl, started raining here, hopefully I won't have to experience what it is like to be in a house struck by lightning directly again, had it twice already
  12. Yes, I did, they seemed to land in horsley, it was a quiet growl. Just had another one
  13. First sounds of thunder here.
  14. The main course hasn't even arrived yet, If anything the warm plume air is strengthening the development
  15. Anywhere in those Southern home counties will get something by the seems