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  1. Has anyone got one of these? Temp and humidity seem fine but pressure is way off! It's been set up since 10:00am so it's had time to settle. There's no adjustment possible either...
  2. Hahaha! Went to bed thinking I'd be stuck in between those two streamers with just a smattering and woke up to this! (Anyone know why that helicopter was hovering above Capel hill this morning?)
  3. Just a dusting in Lyminge, currently -3C. But it's the snow type! Ok, I spent up until the turn of the century in Torbay so wasn't really conducive for snow but I've never seen snow like this before! It just puffs away if you blow it, looks artificial almost, out of a can. I guess this is powder snow but in all my 50 odd years it's a first for me!
  4. Not just us with out of the ordinary temps. The Arctic is positively balmy! Is this the result of the polar vortex split / SSW giving us our snow event and an early spring at the pole? http://sites.uci.edu/zlabe/arctic-temperatures/ (Wow! Coldest of the year so far. -4C here now!)
  5. First flakes in Lyminge! Fine, floaty... If we get lots of this stuff, on this cold ground, it'll drift like anything!
  6. Yup, it's a pretty night out there. Bone dry and fresh with that gorgeous half moon. Almost a mackerel sky with that high, thin cloud sheet.
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