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  1. My sister teaches at a primary school in Kent. They are preparing packs for the kids to take home as are other schools.. my sis is worried about a school closure though, as at her school many of the kids parents work at the hospital down the road
  2. Church of England are saying that church services must be stopped. I don't have a source but my OH has been emailed...
  3. I'm feeling like I've turned a corner with this flu or whatever this virus is. Yesterday was my worse day and my chest hurt when I breathed. I had a cough... Today chest is better and so is the cough. I'm feeling better than I have these last four/five days thank god. I will never know if this was coronavirus or not
  4. No shortness of breath and I have asthma .. that's why I'm sure it's flu
  5. Oh god .. day 3 : I was feeling much better. Now I have a fever. I'm still kinda sure I don't have covid ... I think ??
  6. I'm so sorry this may happen to your OH but strict measures are needed to combat this
  7. Agreed. Being a leader must suck. I'm glad I'm not one
  8. In my personal opinion Boris just looks tired out. He probably hasn't had a decent night's sleep for a while
  9. You are right. That is why I'm self isolating just in case, plus I don't want people catching my 'flu'
  10. I think this time next week the govt will be introducing stricter measures too
  11. I just got it yesterday.. started with a slight fever. I'm not saying I have coronavirus .. I just call it flu unless I start having trouble breathing.. then I'll call 111 if so
  12. Hope you get better v soon. I've sent hubby to pharmacy to get me throat sweets, pick up asthma sprays and grab boxes of tissues ??
  13. Thankyou. Yes I'm sure it probably is ?
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