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  1. I just woke up... Need to check outside asap
  2. I fell asleep for a couple of hours.. just woke up and .. omg it's still snowing in Bucks .. thought I would pop in and say hi 😊
  3. Drizzle? ..well it's just snow here...have seen just snowflakes for days .. its amazing
  4. Omg... I fell asleep... Just woke up and it's still snowing !!
  5. It's coming down really heavy where I live in a village north of Wycombe... Roads here are white
  6. Coming down heavy where I live just north of wycombe Im north of Wycombe .. just outside the Amber lol
  7. I hope to see more .. I'm in Bucks 😄
  8. Im north of Wycombe .. just outside the Amber lol
  9. It's ridiculous ..I don't understand.. why no Amber warning? Rush hour is upon us 😠
  10. Just checked the radar too.. my god things have changed in the last few hours