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  1. A few showers are possible there in the next couple of days with perhaps more general rain on Sunday?
  2. Is the weather station that may of recorded 38.4c the same station that recorded 38.5c in 2003?
  3. No one seems to of mentioned this but still the possibility of potent storm for some parts this Sunday? Not much support which is very unusual at this late stage Arpege in particular very keen on this storm the GFS seems to be leaning back towards it but other charts aren't aggreing but certainly could cause a few problems if it happens..
  4. Worth noting the Arpege and ICON are both showing potentially damaging wind gusts to central and southern areas later tonight, The Arome is showing something similar but the GFS seems to take the winds across northern England and much weaker, in my eyes the GFS tends to either underestimate or overestimate and I think it is underestimating the strength of this low tonight. Gusts of between 55 - 65mph are shown to effect a large swathe of England and Wales but lasting no longer than 4-6 hours.. ICON.. Arpege.. Arome..
  5. Think I'm too far north for much snow from the system just south of me I'm in Aylesbury. What do you guys think?
  6. Looks like the main area of snow transfers east towards London area and surrounding areas by this evening with slow moving areas of snow spiralling round could be a nice surprise for areas further east this evening this is judging by what a couple of weather models are saying..
  7. Had a decent covering here in Aylesbury last night stopped an hour or so ago.
  8. Lots of small flakes falling here in Aylesbury bucks been snowing since 10.40 only a very light covering apart from roads which are clear not sure how much we will get tonight..
  9. Storms are generally getting named far too easily naming should only be given to the most intense ones that cross the UK take storm *david* in January this year for an example that was an actual storm that should of been named but it wasn't then was adopted the name that France gave it but it was a difficult one to forecast.. it was more severe than most if not all of the storms from last winter such as the damp squib Aileen this is ofcourse my view so please respect that.
  10. Couldn't agree more the track is also slightly uncertain too so may be slightly further east than shown.
  11. Storms use to be named purely based on wind but now other factors are taken into account but if there is just likely to be heavy rain but no stormy winds then it probably won't be named but if it's accompanying severe winds then it would probably be named that's how it seems to work but nevertheless it's very inconsistent I agree.
  12. Calm start then turning stormy later I personally think this should be named based on wind strengths although not unusual will effect a large area at a busy time plus combined effects of heavy persistent rain making for some bad driving conditions a couple charts to show the weather this evening.. Wind gusts are shown to exceed 60mph through the English Channel just coming a bit inland into the south of uk with gusts widely 50 to 55mph some locations inland will no doubt exceed 60mph briefly before the rain clears, all in all a stormy evening in store not to mention more flooding likely for Northern Ireland.
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